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Arbitrarily ordered arguments for commands in

Project description


Provides support for arbitrarily ordered arguments in commands for the library.

param_converter = ArgumentConverter(
    turns = RequiredArgument(
        int, # follows the rules of a converter in
        doc="The number of turns this quiz has.",
    images = OptionalArgument(
        doc="(Dis-)allow image questions.",
    voice_channel = OptionalArgument(

async def quiz(ctx, name:str, *, params:param_converter=param_converter.defaults()):
    await ctx.send("Turns: {0}".format(params['turns']))

async def quiz_error(ctx, error):
    if isinstance(error, InvalidArgumentValueError):
        await ctx.send(
            "Invalid argument value for parameter {0}".format(
    elif isinstance(error, UnknownArgumentError):
        await ctx.send(
            "Unknown argument {0}".format(

On your discord server, the commands can be invoked like this:

!quiz pokemon
    → will raise a MissingRequiredArgument exception

!quiz pokemon turns=2
    → args["images"] will be True

!quiz pokemon turns=2 images=false


Installation is available via pip:

pip install discord_argparse


Initialize an ArgumentConverter as in the example above, annotate a keyword-only function argument in your command with the instance and, optionally, set its default value by using the .defaults() method. Setting a default value can be omitted if you use required arguments (otherwise it will raise a MissingRequiredArgument exception).

Inside the command, you can access the arguments as a dict.

Custom help formatter

By using a custom help formatter, you can send a list of all arguments to the users of your bot. An example output, after sending !help quiz to the bot, might look like this:

!quiz <name> <params>

Starts a quiz.
This command will start a quiz.

Example usage: !quiz pokemon turns=12 images=false

    turns           The number of questions this quiz has.
    images          (Dis-)allow image questions.

To make use of the argument list, create a custom help command and override the send_command_help function like this:

async def send_command_help(self, command):
    for name, param in command.clean_params.items():
        if isinstance(param.annotation, da.ArgumentConverter):
            arguments = param.annotation.arguments
            if not arguments:
            max_size = max(len(name) for name in arguments)

            for name, argument in arguments.items():
                entry = "{0}{1:<{width}} {2}".format(self.indent * " ", name, argument.doc, width=max_size)
    await self.send_pages()

You might also want to set the usage parameter of the command() function decorator to display a better usage string, especially when using the ArgumentConvert.defaults() method.

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