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A helper module for

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A helper module for and its forks

Current Features (v0.2.0)

  • Invite tracker
  • Per server custom prefixes using SQLite3 - aiosqlite
  • Paginator
  • A chatbot coroutine function to get a reply from an AI (The Random Stuff API)
  • A cycling status for your bot
  • A function to create a rich embed with every feature in a simple line of code
  • A coroutine function to find a webhook from a channel and send a message via it
  • Coroutine functions for making GET and POST requests easily


$ pip install -U discord-helpers
$ pip install -U discord-helpers[sqlite]

# development
$ pip install -U git+


More bot examples can be found in the examples directory.


import discord
from discord.ext import commands, helpers

bot = commands.Bot(command_prefix = "!", intents = discord.Intents.all())

async def on_ready():
    bot.db = helpers.Database(bot, "data.db") # also used in the examples below
    bot.command_prefix = bot.db.custom_prefix("!")
async def on_message(message):
	if message.mentions[0] == client.user:
		await bot.db.reply_with_prefix(message)
async def change_prefix(ctx, *, prefix):
	await bot.db.change_prefix(, prefix)
    await ctx.send(f"Successfuly changed the prefix to `{prefix}`.")


async def on_message(message):
	if == my_chatbot_channel_id:
		response = await helpers.chatbot(message.content, api_key=my_api_key)
		await message.reply(response)


async def send_pages(ctx):
    paginator = helpers.Paginator(bot, pages=[
        discord.Embed(title="Page 1"),
        discord.Embed(title="Page 2"),
    paginator.add_page(discord.Embed(title="Page 3"))
    await paginator.start(ctx)


async def send_webhook(ctx, *, text):
	await helpers.Webhooks.find_and_send(text,, webhook_name="Test")

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