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A Discord Self-Bot API

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A simple, easy to use, non-restrictive Discord API Wrapper for Selfbots/Userbots written in Python.
-using requests and websockets :)

* You can send issues to (arandomnewaccount will respond). If you put them in the issues tab, either arandomnewaccount will edit your message to "respond" because he can't post public comments or Merubokkusu will respond. Please at least read the README before submitting an issue.

Table of Contents

Key features

  • easy-to-use (make selfbots/userbots)
  • easy-to-extend/edit (adding more api wrappers)
  • readable (organized 😃 )
  • pretty undetectable (all api wraps, with the exception of getGuildMember, point to user(/"private") apis)
  • on-event (gateway) capabilities
  • extremely customizable fetchMembers function
  • support for python 2.7


Discum is a Discord selfbot api wrapper (in case you didn't know, selfbotting = automating a user account). Whenever you login to discord, your client communicates with Discord's servers using Discord's http api (http(s) requests) and gateway server (websockets). Discum allows you have this communication with Discord with python.

The main difference between Discum and other Discord api wrapper libraries (like is that discum is written and maintained to work on user accounts (so, perfect for selfbots). We test all code on here and develop discum to be readable, expandable, and useable.

Note, using a selfbot is against Discord's Terms of Service and you could get banned for using one if you're not careful. Also, this needs to be said: discum does not have rate limit handling. The main reasons for this are that discum is made to (1) be (relatively) simple and (2) give the developer/user freedom (generally I'd recommend a bit more than 1 second in between tasks of the same type, but if you'd like a longer or shorter wait time that's up to you). We (Merubokkusu and anewrandomaccount) do not take any responsibility for any consequences you might face while using discum. We also do not take any responsibility for any damage caused (to servers/channels) through the use of Discum. Discum is a tool; how you use this tool is on you.


from github (recommended):

git clone
cd Discord-S.C.U.M
pip install .

or from PyPI:

pip install discum -U

Note that older versions (specifically, before 0.3.1) do not mimic the official discord client as well as the latest version
and therefore could get your account disabled. When in doubt, just install the latest version.

Prerequisites (installed automatically using above methods)

  • requests
  • requests_toolbelt
  • brotli
  • websocket_client
  • filetype
  • ua-parser
  • random_user_agent


Don't refer to the wiki, refer to these docs instead:

Example usage

import discum     
bot = discum.Client(token='420tokentokentokentoken.token.tokentokentokentokentoken', log=True)

bot.sendMessage("238323948859439", "Hello :)")

def helloworld(resp):
    if resp.event.ready_supplemental: #ready_supplemental is sent after ready
        user = bot.gateway.session.user
        print("Logged in as {}#{}".format(user['username'], user['discriminator']))
    if resp.event.message:
        m =
        guildID = m['guild_id'] if 'guild_id' in m else None #because DMs are technically channels too
        channelID = m['channel_id']
        username = m['author']['username']
        discriminator = m['author']['discriminator']
        content = m['content']
        print("> guild {} channel {} | {}#{}: {}".format(guildID, channelID, username, discriminator, content))


More examples

To Do

  • Sending basic text messages
  • Sending Images
  • Sending Embeds
  • Sending Requests (Friends etc)
  • Profile Editing (Name,Status,Avatar)
  • On-Message (and other on-anything gateway) capabilities
  • Getting guild members
  • add more http api wraps
  • move to async (eventually)
  • Making phone calls, sending audio/video data thru those calls
  • Everything


Contributions are welcome. You can submit issues, make pull requests, or suggest features. Ofc not all suggestions will be implemented (because discum is intended to be a transparent, relatively-raw discord user api wrapper), but all suggestions will be looked into.


Q: Why am I getting Attribute Errors?
A: Most likely you've installed discum through pip, which is not always updated. To get the most recent version, install through github. However, if you're getting an AttributeError: 'GatewayServer' object has no attribute 'session' all this means is that you haven't connected to the gateway yet (using (there's no gateway session if you haven't connected ever).

Q: Does discum support BOT accounts?
A: No. Discum only supports user accounts.

Q: What's the difference between user/private API and BOT API?
A: User APIs are run by the official client. Many of these are not documented by discord. On the other hand, BOT APIs are run by BOT accounts and are documented by discord. So far, discum consists of primarily user API wraps (with the exception of the bot.getGuildMember(...) http api wrap).

Q: How to fix "[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED]" errors?

Q: I'm getting KeyError: 'members' when running bot.gateway.session.guild(guild_ID).members. Why?
A: KeyErrors happened on previous versions where the "members" key was not set until you ran bot.gateway.fetchMembers(...); Due to this causing some confusion, the latest versions do not display this KeyError (instead, the value of "members" is an empty dictionary to start with). Of course, you still have to fetch the members (a gateway operation) in order to get the members.

Q: I'm getting requests.exceptions.ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', ConnectionResetError(54, 'Connection reset by peer')). How to fix?
A: Just run the command again and it should work.


In recent years, token logging has become more common (as many people don't check code before they run it). I've seen many closed-source selfbots, and while surely some are well intentioned, others not so much. Discum (discord api wrapper) is open-sourced and organized to provide transparency, but even so, we encourage you to look at the code. Not only will looking at the code help you to better understand how discord's api is structured, but it'll also let you know exactly what you're running. If you have any questions about Discum, feel free to ask us.

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