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Just enough Python to write displays

Project description


The problem: Support a limited subset of the Python language, powerful enough to allow authors to conveniently build HTML displays based on SymPy classes, but limited enough to offer a reasonable expectation of safe evaluation.

We call the language "DisplayLang". It was originally designed for authoring example explorers in Proofscape, but it attempts to solve a fairly general problem, so should be more broadly useful.

In fact the set of AllowedCallables for SymPy functions and classes which can be used in Proofscape is defined in the pfsc-examp project, not here. This project is more foundational, defining AST node traversers, providing the basic framework for defining AllowedCallables, and defining these for built-in Python functions and methods.

The language

The syntax is defined by three things:

  • Which statement and expression types in the Python language we support.
  • Which callables we allow to be called.
  • For the allowed callables, what types the arguments are allowed to be, and, when they are strings, what regexes the strings must match.

The reason for paying special attention to string arguments is that there are functions that are definitely unsafe if they can be passed arbitrary strings, but are probably safe as long as either we don't allow strings to be passed at all, or we allow only strings of certain restricted forms.

Of course we need to be careful about built-in Python callables, such as exec and eval, not to mention things like os.system. So our overall solution is to ban all function calls outside a finite, curated, set of approved calls. The set is expected to grow over time, in response to user demand.

Among banned statement types are import statements, which supports the providing of only a finite, curated set of available names.

Getting started

Better docs are on the way, but for now we offer the following hints for getting started:

  • See the method, for the core code that processes a string of DisplayLang.

    • See also the convenience function for building a DisplayLangProcessor instance.
  • Check out the displaylang.allow.AllowedCallable.__init__() method to see how an AllowedCallable is defined.

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