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A Django app for REST Authentication using Django Ninja

Project description

Django Ninja Auth

A one stop shop for all your Django-Ninja Authentication needs. Supports REST authentication with Sessions, Auth Tokens and JWTs.

Fully Customisable to suit your needs.

This repository does not fix any issues in SimpleJWT or django-ninja-jwt. It is intended to build upon the repository and add other forms of authentication on top of just JWTs

Getting Started


pip install dj-ninja-auth



  1. Create a file in your app directory next to the and files.

  2. Add the following lines of code to your

    from ninja_extra import NinjaExtraAPI
    from dj_ninja_auth.controller import NinjaAuthDefaultController
    api = NinjaExtraAPI()
  3. Add the following lines to your file

    from .api import api
    urlpatterns = [
        path("", api.urls)

This will give you 5 basic endpoints that are not secured and can be called by anyone. The endpoints are

  • /auth/login
  • /auth/logout
  • /auth/password/reset/request
  • /auth/password/reset/confirm
  • /auth/password/change


There are 3 controllers that you can register in your file for your application depending on your authentication needs.


The easiest way to use authentication is to use the Session Authentication. Note that the csrf=True kwarg has to be passed in to allow Django Ninja to pass CSRF cookies for validation. You will have to provide your own endpoint to get a CSRF cookie from Ninja.

from import django_auth
from dj_ninja_auth.controller import NinjaAuthDefaultController

api = NinjaExtraAPI(auth=[django_auth], csrf=True)


Since the tokens will be stored in the database, you are required to add the dj_ninja_auth.authtoken app to your INSTALLED_APPS and migrate the database.

from ninja_extra import NinjaExtraAPI
from dj_ninja_auth.authtoken.authentication import AccessTokenAuth
from dj_ninja_auth.authtoken.controller import NinjaAuthTokenController

api = NinjaExtraAPI(auth=[AccessTokenAuth()])


from ninja_extra import NinjaExtraAPI
from dj_ninja_auth.jwt.authentication import JWTAuth
from dj_ninja_auth.jwt.controller import NinjaAuthJWTController

api = NinjaExtraAPI(auth=[JWTAuth()])

The JWT controller provides 2 additional endpoints for tokens.

  • /auth/refresh
  • /auth/verify


Every aspect of the the Schemas and Controllers can be modified to suit your needs.


Say for example you want to modify the output schema once the user logs in in your app my_app to only display specific fields. In your, you can create the following:

from django.contrib.auth import authenticate, get_user_model
from dj_ninja_auth.schema import SuccessMessageMixin, LoginInputSchema

UserModel = get_user_model()

class MyAuthUserSchema(ModelSchema):
    class Meta:
        model = UserModel
        fields = ['id', 'username', 'first_name', 'last_name']

class MyLoginOutputSchema(SuccessMessageMixin):
    user: MyAuthUserSchema
    my_other_value: str

class MyLoginInputSchema(LoginInputSchema):
    def get_response_schema(cls) -> Type[Schema]:
        return MyLoginOutputSchema

    def to_response_schema(self, **kwargs):
        return super().to_response_schema(my_other_value="foo", **kwargs)

Then in your, you can specify:

NINJA_AUTH_LOGIN_INPUT_SCHEMA = "my_app.schema.MyLoginInputSchema"


Say you wanted to add another endpoint to the default auth controller that is an authenticated route and returns the user's details in the schema defined above. In your

from ninja_extra import ControllerBase, api_controller, http_get
from ninja_extra.permissions import IsAuthenticated

from .schema import MyAuthUserSchema

class UserController(ControllerBase):
    auto_import = False

        response={200: MyAuthUserSchema},
    def get_user(self):
        return MyAuthUserSchema(user=self.context.request.auth)

@api_controller("/auth", permissions=[AllowAny], tags=["auth"])
class MyNinjaAuthController(
    auto_import = False

Then in your, replace the default controller with your custom controller

from ninja_extra import NinjaExtraAPI
from .controller import MyNinjaAuthController

api = NinjaExtraAPI()

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