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Django + Fighting Spam Made Easy

Project description

Django + Flagging Spam Made Easy


The full documentation is at


  • For Django 1.8+

  • For Python 2.7/3.3+

  • Direct foreign key from the model to the spam report. Avoiding content types and using explicit foreign keys makes for less kludgy databases.

  • Powered by conventions used all over Django:

    • Have the appropriate __str__() or __unicode__() method on your models.

    • Flaggable models should have get_absolute_url() methods.


Install dj-spam:

pip install dj-spam

Configure it into your project:

INSTALLED_APPS += ['spam', ]
url(r'^spam/', include('spam.urls', namespace='spam')),

For any model you want to flag:

from spam import Spammable

class MyModel(Spammable, models.Model):
    # Define your model here. Spammable attaches
    #   the spam_flag field to your model as a ManyToManyField.

    def get_absolute_url(self):
        # Not required, but it allows dj-spam to link back to the offending
        # content in the report spam view.
        return 'absolute link to model detail view'

Run Migrations

./manage migrate

Then, in the model’s related view:

from spam import SpammableMixin

class MyModelDetailView(SpammableMixin, DetailView):
    class = MyModel

This empowers you with the view method spam_report_url which you can use to define the URL to the reporting form:

<a href="{{ view.spam_report_url }}">Report Spam</a>


dj-spam comes with a simple admin view.

emailing managers

dj-spam emails settings.MANAGERS every time something is flagged. If you don’t set settings.MANAGERS, it will email settings.ADMINS.


0.2.0 (2-15-07-29)

  • Added admin functionality.

  • Fixed broken spam report form.

  • Email of managers when content is flagged as spam.

0.1.0 (2-15-07-28)

  • First release on PyPI.

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