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Small application that simplifies naming of uploaded files

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Small application that simplifies naming of uploaded files. License is MIT.


You can get dj-upload-to release version from pypi with pip:

$ pip install dj-upload-to

or development one from github:

$ pip install -e git+

You’re not need include it into your INSTALLED_APPS


Assumes you have model:

from django.db import models
from dj_upload_to import UploadTo

upload_to = UploadTo()

class Model(models.Model):
    file = models.ImageField(upload_to=upload_to)

As you see, UploadTo generates callable object (with __call__ methodfor passing into upload_to attribute of FileField (see django upload_to docs for details)

When you save model with image originally named myphoto.JPG, file

will be saved with name such as:



  • model is prefix automatically generated from model class. You can override it

  • ab is the first 2 char segment of filename

  • cd is the second 2 char segment of filename

  • abcdabcd-0123-4567-8901-234567890ab autogenerated with uuid filename

  • .jpg is a lower cased extension taken from original file


You can customize behavior of UploadTo with options in constructor:

  • prefix: prefix of filename. Default is dj_upload_to.not_provided. If None, prefix will be missed. If not explicitly set, will be generated automatically based on model class name

  • num_seg: number of parts of segmentation. Default is 2

  • seg_size: length of segment in chars. Default is 2

  • save_name: use original name without autogeneration. Default is False

There are some examples:

>>> model_instance = Model()

>>> # Disable prefix
>>> UploadTo(prefix=None)(model_instance, 'file.jpg')

>>> # Explicitly given prefix
>>> UploadTo(prefix='my_files')(model_instance, 'file.jpg')

>>> # Four segment and automatically generated prefix
>>> UploadTo(num_seg=4)(model_instance, 'file.jpg')

>>> # Segment length is 4 chars
>>> UploadTo(seg_size=4)(model_instance, 'file.jpg')

>>> # Save original filename
>>> UploadTo(save_name=True)(model_instance, 'file.jpg')

>>> # Save original filename without prefix
>>> UploadTo(save_name=True, prefix=None)(model_instance, 'file.jpg')


Ideas, bugfixes, pull requests are welcome on GitHub



  • Add deconstruct() support


  • Fix sad bug


  • Add prefix disabling

  • Add changelog

  • Updated docs


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