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Admin additions.

Project description

There are a few things about the django admin that get me down. Here are solutions to those, all bundled up together.


Add 'admin_additions' to you settings.INSTALLED_APPS.

Then configure the additions you want to use. The default settings are shown:

    'SAVE_ON_TOP': True,



When editing an object, you usually want to revert back to the filtered view from whence you came.

This is a monkey-patch that supplements the normal change_view method on the ModelAdmin base class, and ensures that it returns after a POST back to the referring view.

This method of returning to the filtered view after submitting a form in an admin change view is based largely upon Snippet 2531 <>.


Should be the default: display the save toolbar on the top of every change_view.


Sets the extra value on InlineModelAdmin to 0, so you just use the addition button instead of having any empty formsets.

Patching functions

patch_model_admin(model, patch_function)

Patch an installed ModelAdmin. This includes unregistering, patching and then re-registering. You may pass in a model, or a string of the form “app_label.ModelName”, and a function that will take and patch a ModelAdmin class.

If you create a new class based on the passed in class, then you may return it: that will then be used within the re-registration. If you simply patch the existing class, you can return nothing, and the patched original class will be used.

from admin_additions.patchers import patch_model_admin

def patcher_function(model_admin):
    # Do stuff here.
    model_admin.form = MyClassyForm
    return model_admin # optional: you may patch in-place

patch_model_admin(MyModel, patcher_function)

add_inlines(model, *inlines)

A simple/common case of patching a ModelAdmin - adding a new inline:

from django.contrib import admin
from admin_additions.patchers import add_inlines

from models import Foo

class FooInline(admin.StackedInline):
    model = Foo

add_inlines('bar.Bar', FooInline)

You may pass multiple inlines.

You may also pass in any combination of models or admin inlines: if a model is received, it will create a StackedInline for that model.

add_actions(model, *actions)

Like for inlines, but add an action.


A decorator, that can decorate a function to be patched.

from admin_additions.patchers import patch_admin

def patcher_function(model_admin):
    model_admin.form = MyClassyForm

This syntax is terser than the patch_model_admin function above.

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