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Django admin toolbox - bunch of improvements for default django admin

Project description

This package provides bunch of useful tools for default django admin site, such as:

All configuration is held in ADMIN_TOOLBOX dict that should be placed in your file.


  1. Install admin toolbox (if not installed already)

  2. add admin_toolbox at the top of your INSTALLED_APPS (at least above django.contrib.admin)


All configuration of this application is held in one dictionary in django settings, named ADMIN_TOOLBOX. Below you can see default configuration:

    'sidebar': {
        'default': ('', {}),
    'breadcrumbs': 'auto',

If you want to customize any setting, you don’t have to copy whole defaults. Anything that is not set, will be filled in with default values.

Below you can find description of how to configure each module.

Smart Breadcrumbs

This module gives you ability to rewrite default admin breadcrumbs to match structure defined with admin menu. Generation of smart breadcrumbs requires beautifulsoup4 library, which you can install by installing django-admin-toolbox[smart-breadcrumbs].

You can enable or disable this feature, by using 'breadcrumbs' in settings dict. Allowed values are:

  • None - Disables breadcrumbs alltogether. This option will hide default breadcrumbs generated by Django.

  • 'auto' - Breadcrumbs will be automatically enabled if beautifulsoup4 is available. Otherwise, default django admin breadcrumbs will be used.

  • 'auto-smart' - Breadcrumbs will be automatically enabled if beautifulsoup4 is available. Otherwise, no breadcrumbs will be used.

  • 'smart' - Breadcrumbs will be explicitly enabled. This option will trigger exception if beautifulsoup4 is not installed

  • 'force-smart' - Similar to 'smart', but breadcrumbs will be also visible on pages, where they don’t exist in default django admin.

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