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A simple Django app to manage ads.txt file from admin panel

Project description

Django Ads-txt

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This is a basic Django application to manage Authorized Digital Sellers (ads.txt) file based on iabtech lab specification


Python 2.7, 3.5 or PyPy.

Django 1.9 or higher.


Use your favorite Python installer to install it from PyPI:

pip install django-ads-txt

Or get the source from the application site at:
  1. Add 'ads_txt' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.

  2. Run the migrate management command

  3. To activate ads.txt generation on your Django site, add this line to your URLconf:

url(r'^ads\.txt', include('ads_txt.urls')),
  1. Add the domains you need to appear from admin panel


The instructions are encoded as a formatted plain text object, described here. A complete description of the syntax of this format:

<Domain #1>, <Account ID #2>, <Account type #3>, <Authority ID #4>
Field Description
Domain (Required) Domain name of the advertising system
Account ID (Required) The identifier associated with the seller or reseller account
Account type (Required) Type of Account/Relationship. It has two values DIRECT and RESELLER
Authority ID (Optional) An ID that uniquely identifies the advertising system within a certification authority

Examples:, 108933, DIRECT, 7857hf1d2fr6d8b34, [538220672 - CC], RESELLER, 6a69ec356744c6, [537120668 - CC], RESELLER, 6a69ec356744c6, 7118, RESELLER


You can optionally cache the generation of the ads.txt. Add or change the ADSTXT_CACHE_TIMEOUT setting with a value in seconds in your Django settings file:


Bugs and feature requests

As always your mileage may vary, so please don’t hesitate to send feature requests and bug reports:

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