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A Django application for advanced admin filters

Project description

Django Advanced Filters














A django ModelAdmin mixin which adds advanced filtering abilities to the admin.

Mimics the advanced search feature in VTiger, see here for more info

Creating via a modal

For release notes, see Changelog


  • Django 2.2, >= 3.2 on Python 3.6+/PyPy3

  • simplejson >= 3.6.5, < 4

Installation & Set up

  1. Install from pypi: pip install django-advanced-filters

  2. Add 'advanced_filters' to INSTALLED_APPS.

  3. Add url(r'^advanced_filters/', include('advanced_filters.urls')) to your project’s urlconf.

  4. Run python syncdb or python migrate (for django >= 1.7)

Integration Example

Extending a ModelAdmin is pretty straightforward:

from advanced_filters.admin import AdminAdvancedFiltersMixin

class ProfileAdmin(AdminAdvancedFiltersMixin, models.ModelAdmin):
    list_filter = ('name', 'language', 'ts')   # simple list filters

    # specify which fields can be selected in the advanced filter
    # creation form
    advanced_filter_fields = (

        # even use related fields as lookup fields

Adding a new advanced filter (see below) will display a new list filter named “Advanced filters” which will list all the filter the currently logged in user is allowed to use (by default only those he/she created).

Custom naming of fields

Initially, each field in advanced_filter_fields is resolved into an actual model field. That field’s verbose_name attribute is then used as the text of the displayed option. While uncommon, it occasionally makes sense to use a custom name, especially when following a relationship, as the context then changes.

For example, when a profile admin allows filtering by a user name as well as a sales representative name, it’ll get confusing:

class ProfileAdmin(AdminAdvancedFiltersMixin, models.ModelAdmin):
    advanced_filter_fields = ('name', 'sales_rep__name')

In this case the field options will both be named “name” (by default).

To fix this, use custom naming:

class ProfileAdmin(AdminAdvancedFiltersMixin, models.ModelAdmin):
    advanced_filter_fields = ('name', ('sales_rep__name', 'assigned rep'))

Now, you will get two options, “name” and “assigned rep”.

Adding new advanced filters

By default the mixin uses a template which extends django’s built-in change_list template. This template is based off of grapelli’s fork of this template (hence the ‘grp’ classes and funny looking javascript).

The default template also uses the superb magnificPopup which is currently bundled with the application.

Regardless of the above, you can easily write your own template which uses context variables {{ advanced_filters }} and {{ advanced_filters.formset }}, to render the advanced filter creation form.


Each advanced filter has only a couple of required fields when constructed with the form; namely the title and a formset (consisting of a form for each sub-query or rule of the filter query).

Each form in the formset requires the following fields: field, operator, value

And allows the optional negate and remove fields.

Let us go over each of the fields in a rule fieldset.


The list of all available fields for this specific instance of the ModelAdmin as specific by the `advanced_filter_fields property. <#integration-example>`__

The OR field

OR is an additional field that is added to every rule’s available fields.

It allows constructing queries with OR statements. You can use it by creating an “empty” rule with this field “between” a set of 1 or more rules.


Query field suffixes which specify how the WHERE query will be constructed.

The currently supported are as follows: iexact, icontains, iregex, range, isnull, istrue and isfalse

For more detail on what they mean and how they function, see django’s documentation on field lookups.


The value which the specific sub-query will be looking for, i.e the value of the field specified above, or in django query syntax: .filter(field=value)


A boolean (check-box) field to specify whether this rule is to be negated, effectively making it a “exclude” sub-query.


Similarly to other django formsets, used to remove the selected line on submit.

Editing previously created advanced filters

The AdvancedFilterAdmin class (a subclass of ModelAdmin) is provided and registered with AdvancedFilter in module.

The model’s change_form template is overridden from grapelli’s/django’s standard template, to mirror the add form modal as closely as possible.

Note: currently, adding new filters from the ModelAdmin change page is not supported.

Query Serialization

TODO: write a few words on how serialization of queries is done.

Model correlation

Since version 1.0, AdvancedFilter are tightly coupled with a specific model using the model field and the app_label.Name template. On creation, model is populated based on the admin changelist it’s created in.

This change has a few benefits:

  1. The mixin can be used with multiple ModelAdmin classes while performing specific query serialization and field validation that are at the base of the filter functionality.

  2. Users can edit previously created filters outside of the context of a changelist, as we do in the `AdvancedFilterAdmin <#editing-previously-created-advanced-filters>`__.

  3. Limit the AdvancedListFilters to limit queryset (and thus, the underlying options) to a specified model.


The GetFieldChoices view is required to dynamically (using javascript) fetch a list of valid field choices when creating/changing an AdvancedFilter.


  • Add permission user/group selection functionality to the filter form

  • Allow toggling of predefined templates (grappelli / vanilla django admin), and front-end features.

  • Support more (newer) python/django versions


2.0.0 - Support Django 3.2 and 4.0

BREAKING CHANGE: This release is the first 2.x release, and drops support for EOL python and Django versions, all feature development will be done against 2.X branch.**

Changes since 1.4.0:


  • Add support for python 3.10 and Django 4.0 (Merge 7bfb5b6)

  • Add compiled IT translation (Merge e39395f)

Bug fixes

  • Don’t add empty form to AdvancedFilterFormSet.forms (Merge 7bfb5b6)


  • Drop support for EOL Python 2.7 and 3.5 (Merge dfeb005)

  • Drop support for EOL Django 3.0 (Merge dfeb005)

  • Drop support for EOL Django up to 2.2 (Merge dfeb005)

  • Upgrade Python syntax with pyupgrade –py36-plus (Merge dfeb005)

  • Remove six (Merge dfeb005)

  • Remove unused import (Merge dfeb005)

  • Drop support for python 3.6 (Merge 7bfb5b6)

  • Correct support matrix (Merge 7bfb5b6)

  • Simplify url path import (Merge 7bfb5b6)

  • Remove standalone clean env from tox envlist (Merge 7bfb5b6)

  • Remove unused cached_property import (Merge 7bfb5b6)

  • Add Django 3.2 to classifiers (#163)

  • f-string for model_name string interpolation (Merge dfeb005)

  • remove unsupported django 3.1 from tox matrix (Merge 7bfb5b6)

  • update README and remove Django 3.1 classifier


  • Fabrizio Corallini

  • Dmytro Litvinov

  • Hugo van Kemenade

  • Pavel Savchenko

1.4.0 - Latvian translation and minor fixes

NOTE: This release will be the last one to include features in 1.X branch, other than urgent hotfixes; version 2.X will drop support for EOL python and Django versions, and all future development will be done against 2.X branch

Changes since 1.3.0:


  • Add Latvian translation (#135)

  • Commit compiled translation files (Merge db448fa)

Bug fixes

  • switch from ugettext to gettext (#134)

  • don’t use default dict (Merge db448fa)

  • correctly update extra_context (Merge db448fa)

  • support parallel coverage reporting (Merge db448fa)


  • Fix CI for 2021 (#147)

  • Don’t run tests in GitHub actions twice, one per PR is enough (da6fe7f24982a0fa69fcebff79d658b087de5e5b)

  • Ignore vscode settings (Merge db448fa)


  • Pavel Savchenko

  • Māris Nartišs

1.3.0 - Django 3.1 and more

Apologies for the late release, and thanks to everyone that contributed.

Bug fixes

  • Add support for python 3.9 and django 3.1

  • import FieldDoesNotExist from django.core.exceptions


  • Update django-braces

  • Update Admin to show model

  • Add Turkish translation

  • Correct travis.yml deprecated/dupe keywords


  • Pavel Savchenko

  • predatell


  • Thu Trang Pham

  • João Batista

1.2.0 - Django 3 and more

It’s finally time to drop the dirty old rags and don some fresh colors.

Thanks to effort from multiple contributors, this version includes support for newest Django version.

Breaking Changes

  • Add support for Django 2.2 and 3.0

  • Drop support for Django < 1.9

  • Drop support for Python 3.3-3.4

django-advanced-filters now support only python 2.7, and 3.5 - 3.8.


  • Switch deprecated force_text to force_str (Merge 0427d11)

Bug fixes

  • Avoid installing newer braces (Merge 0427d11)

  • Allow choices sort on None fields (Merge 142ecd0)

Docs / Tests

  • Update dependencies stated in the README

  • Refactor some unittest test cases into pytest (Merge 41271b7)

  • Test the CleanWhiteSpacesMixin helper


  • Update requirements for new test deps matrix (Merge 0427d11)

  • Replace deprecated assertEquals (Merge 41271b7)

  • Replace deprecated logger.warn with warning (Merge 41271b7)

  • Bump test dependencies (Merge 41271b7)

  • Update python and add Django classifiers


  • Petr Dlouhý

  • Alon Raizman

  • Hugo Maingonnat

  • Arpit

  • Pavel Savchenko

1.1.1 - CHANGELOG rendering is hard

This release is for fixing the bug when installing with specific environment ( locale that defaults to CP-1252).

Bug fixes

  • Add encoding=’utf-8’ to open() in (Merge 2fe81aa)

Docs / Other

  • add CONTRIBUTING.rst with common processes (Merge ee7907e)

  • Update issue templates (Merge ee7907e)


  • Rebecca Turner

  • Pavel Savchenko

1.1.0 - The future is bright

This release highlights support for Django 2.0 and 2.1 as well as deprecating support for versions Django < 1.7 and Python 2.6 and 3.3

Bug fixes

  • bump django-braces==1.13 for Django 2 support (Merge 80e055e)

  • use request context processor in test_project (Merge 80e055e)


  • ignore .DS_Store

  • fixes for Django 2.0 and 1.11, update tests (Merge 80e055e)

  • test in Django 2.1 (Merge d8d236d)

  • add updated migrations of model attributes (Merge 80e055e)

  • fix ValueError while creating empty form (Merge d8d236d)

  • python 2.6 and django < 1.7 are deprecated

  • lower and upper bounds in install_requires

  • avoid all-catch except clause (Merge 80e055e)


  • correct tox env django spec for ver 1.11 (Merge 80e055e)

  • correct make_query assertion for Django>=2 (Merge 80e055e)

  • update pytest-django in diff. envs + tox (Merge d8d236d)


  • Goncalo Gomes

  • predatell

  • Petr Dlouhý

  • benny daon

  • Pavel Savchenko - Fix PyPi fail

  • Equivalent to the prev version, bumped since we can’t reupload the files to PyPi.

1.0.7 - The holiday edition

This is mostly a minor release with the biggest being the AdvancedFilterForm.Media fix, 2 additional translations and bunch of docs cleanup (thanks everyone)!

Changes since 1.0.6:

Bug Fixes

  • Fix AdvancedFilterForm Media declaration

  • Fix pep8: E128 on (Merge d7acb36)


  • Add Japanese locale (Merge d7acb36)

  • Add Spanish locale (Merge 1a482cf)


  • a bit of polishing (Merge 4c88ea3)

  • removing confusing migrations paragraph (Merge 4c88ea3)


  • KINOSHITA Shinji

  • Pavel Savchenko

  • Benny Daon

  • Mathieu Richardoz

  • José Sánchez Moreno

1.0.6 - Bout Time

This release is long overdue, and includes some important fixes as well as general improvements to code and documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • fixing TypeError: can only concatenate tuple (not “list”) to tuple

  • ensure select2 is included last (Merge 9831ba5)

  • add script to load jQuery globally

  • remove invalid template variables

  • fix input focusing error in chrome

  • fix error when one missing range parameter caused error + test (Merge 365b646)


  • don’t override original change_list_templates in AdminAdvancedFiltersMixin

  • make date range placeholder more pleasant (Merge 365b646)

  • add created_at field

  • Russian locale provided


  • make it clear easy-select2 is not required anymore (Merge 9831ba5)

  • Clarify how to import AdminAdvancedFiltersMixin in README


  • add more fields/filter to test ModelAdmin


  • Grigoriy Beziuk

  • Никита Конин

  • Pavel Savchenko

  • Yuval Adam

  • Petr Dlouhý

1.0.5 - Compatibility bump


  • updated AdvancedFilterQueryForm to include numeric comparison operators (Merge d3ee9f4)

  • Fixed a bug where editing an existing Advanced Filter defaulted all operators to ‘Equals’ (Merge d3ee9f4)

  • set AFQFormSet extra=0 instead of extra=1. I did this because having to check Delete is not clear to end users. (Merge d3ee9f4)

  • changed the Advanced Filter admin so you a User by default can only view/edit filters that they create (unless they are a superuser) (Merge d3ee9f4)

  • Fixed failing tests. Fixed bug where users weren’t properly getting permissions to change or delete their filters (Merge d3ee9f4)

  • changed solution for extra form appearing on editing. Now initialize form checks for falsy value for extra rather than extra just being None (Merge d3ee9f4)

  • removed ‘not instance from requirements for no extras (Merge d3ee9f4)

  • pep8 fix (Merge d3ee9f4)

  • Fixed labeling error with ‘Greater Than or Equal To’ (Merge d3ee9f4)

  • Changes URL declaration to avoid deprecated pattern

  • select2 only initializes if there are choices available. otherwise, the standard text input will be used (Merge 35d7063)

  • Revert “select2 only initializes if there are choices available. otherwise, the standard text input will be used” (Merge 35d7063)

  • updated query for choices for select2 field so that it will take only distinct choices. This allows max_choices to be the maximum unique choices. (Merge 35d7063)

  • Changes URL declaration to avoid deprecated pattern (Merge 35d7063)

  • refactored retrieval of choices so that the db is getting distinct values; added test (Merge 35d7063)

  • pep8 (Merge 35d7063)

  • Use order_by to avoid ambiguity

  • drop django-easy-select2 and include select2 directly


  • test with both Python 3.5 and Django 1.10

  • removed print statement from test (Merge 35d7063)

  • fixed failing test to account for new distinct for max choices (Merge 35d7063)

  • added test to make sure all operators are properly restored from Queries (Merge d3ee9f4)


  • Pavel Savchenko

  • PJ Passalacqua

  • Hermano Cabral

1.0.4 - Unbreak Python 3

This release contains a fix to allow distribution installation on Python 3 which was broken since 1.0.2

1.0.3 - The Package Fix

This is a quick fix for packaging ( errors and documentation.


  • add missing Django 1.7 migrations

  • README updated to mention migrate command

  • Use ReST for README and CHANGELOG: avoid conversion from markdown

1.0.2 - A Better Future

This release features better test coverage and support for Django 1.9.


  • stretch formset table to the modal container width

  • toggle advanced vendor/jquery dir according to Django version

  • retain support older Django versions

  • clean up legacy tags in templates


  • add admin views tests

  • add Django 1.9 to test matrix

  • other minor improvements


  • Improve README with a newer screenshot and pretty tables for badges


  • Pavel Savchenko

  • Leonardo J. Caballero G

  • Schuyler Duveen

1.0.1 - A Public Release


  • proper support for py26 and py3X and different Django releases

  • avoid querying all instances for choices

  • resolve settings inside view and refine error handling


  • add doctests to the form_helpers

  • add tests for forms

  • add test case views.TestGetFieldChoicesView

  • add test-reqs.txt as extras_require

  • refactor testing to use py.test and run tox from

  • travis: use latest version of each Django release


  • README: explain what we test against

1.0 - First contact

Major changes

Minor changes

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