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A simple Django application for AJAX authorisation.

Project description

# django-xauth

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Some simple AJAX authorisation endpoints for Django.

## Why?

I wanted a package to integrate AJAX authorisation with Django's
standard authorisation views. When a request is made via AJAX it
should be handled as such, and when a standard request is made the
login form should be rendered.

## Installation

`pip` is the easiest way to get the package:

pip install django-ajax-auth

Add the package to your Django settings file:


Replace the standard authorisation URLs in your URL configuration:

urlpatterns = [
url(r'^', include('xauth.login_ajax_urls'))

## Usage

Now you can either perform the usual non-AJAX GET and POST to login
as you would normally, or POST using `application/json` encoding to
login over AJAX.

import $ from 'jquery'

url: '/login',
method: 'POST',
contentType: 'application/json',
data: {
username: 'harry',
password: 'henderson123'

Sometimes you may wish to only allow AJAX logins, in which case set
`XAUTH_AJAX` to `True` in your settings file.

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