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White list internal hosts that perform health-checks

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Django Allow Health-Checks


Kubernetes, load-balancers and other PaaS have a concept of a health check. These are simple GET requests against an endpoint that you define which tells the orchestrator if a web worker is healthy or not. The problem is that these requests come from within the same network running your app using an non-deterministic hostname or IP address. So instead of making your allowed hosts wide open with ['*'] (to allow any requests to get by), you can simply install this package to allow these requests to occur without introducing more technical/security risks then necessary.

For example, given a kubernetes deployment with the following details:

#... other details
      - name: app
            path: /health-check/
            port: 8000
            - name: X-Health
              value:  XYZ-123
          initialDelaySeconds: 3
          periodSeconds: 60
        imagePullPolicy: Always

You can allow these requests to get by by simply adding this to your settings



Install django-allow-healthchecks

pip3 install django-allow-healthchecks

Add the class to your middleware, ideally first in the list

    'django_allow_healthchecks.middleware.ByPassForHealthChecks', # <~ Add this 

Assign your magical header value



Python3.5+ + Django 2.2+! Get on board!!

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