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Django Aloha Edit

Project description


Provides easy integration of the Aloha Editor into your Django app as well as several additional Aloha plugins.


pip install django-aloha-edit


Using the HTMLField:

from aloha.fields import HTMLField

class myModel(models.Model):
content = HTMLField()

This will allow you to sanitize the output while automatically using the Aloha Widget

These settings will allow customization of the sanitizer:

ALLOWED_TAGS = ['a', 'abbr', ]
'a' : ['href', 'rel', 'target', 'title',],
ALLOWED_STYLES = ['float','text-align','width','height',]
ALLOWED_CLASSES = ['error', 'success', 'warning', 'info',

Extra Plugins

### Video Embed

This plugin provides video embedding capabilities. It currently supports both blip and youtube, but other services can easily be added.
This plugin provides both a content handler (so you can copy/paste links) as well as UI elements in the Aloha bar to manipulate and add
video embeds.

For youtube videos, the embed include a special div that will reduce load on usage. You must include /static/js/youtube.js on both the
edit page as well as the page that shows the content. This provides a jQuery function to activate the click functionality so the
actual video will load when a user clicks it. Make sure to call this on page load of any page you are presenting your HTML content.

e.g.) $(function() {$(body).activateYoutube();});

### Bootstrap UI

This plugin provides manipulation of several [bootstrap]( elements including collapse (called spoiler here)
and thumbnails. Make sure you include the appropriate css and javascript for those parts of bootstrap or they will not work.

### Usage

Make sure to load the plugins in either the aloha config file or the script load specification. Use 'user/videoembed', 'user/bootstrapui'

You must also add the UI elements to the UI configuration. Below is a sample config:

Aloha = window.Aloha || {};
Aloha.settings = {
sidebar: {
disabled: true
plugins: {
load: ['common/ui','common/commands','common/format','common/list', 'common/align',
'user/videoembed', 'user/bootstrapui'],
contentHandler: {
insertHtml: [ 'word', 'blockelement', 'generic', 'sanitize', 'videoembed', ],
initEditable: [ 'sanitize' ],
getContents: [ 'blockelement', 'basic', 'removebr', 'videoembed', 'sanitize', ],
sanitize: 'relaxed', // relaxed, restricted, basic,
allows: {
['a', 'abbr', 'acronym', 'b', 'blockquote', 'br', 'cite', 'code', 'dd', 'del',
'div', 'dl', 'dt', 'em', 'h2', 'h3', 'h4', 'h5', 'i', 'iframe', 'img', 'ins', 'li', 'ol', 'p',
'pre', 'q', 'small', 'strong', 'sub', 'sup', 'table', 'td',
'th', 'tr', 'u', 'ul'],

attributes: {
'a' : ['href', 'rel', 'target', 'title', 'data-toggle', 'class'],
'blockquote': ['cite'],
'q' : ['cite'],
'img' : ['src', 'alt', 'title', 'style'],
'iframe' : ['src', 'width', 'height', 'frameborder', 'allowfullscreen'],
'div' : ['class', 'id', 'style', 'data-id', 'data-params'],
'span' : ['class'],
'p' : ['style'],
'table' : ['class'],
'td' : ['colspan'],
'th' : ['colspan'],
'ul' : ['class'],
'li' : ['class'],
'i' : ['class'],
'span' : ['class'],

protocols: {
'a' : {'href': ['ftp', 'http', 'https', 'mailto', '__relative__']}, // Sanitize.RELATIVE
'blockquote': {'cite': ['http', 'https', '__relative__']},
'q' : {'cite': ['http', 'https', '__relative__']},
'img' : {'src' : ['http', 'https', 'data', '__relative__']},
'iframe' : {'src' : ['http', 'https', '__relative__']}
toolbar: {
tabs: [
label: 'tab.format.label',
showOn: { scope: 'Aloha.continuoustext' },
components: [
'bold', 'strong', 'italic', 'emphasis', '\n',
'subscript', 'superscript', 'strikethrough', 'quote',
], [
'formatLink', 'formatAbbr', 'formatNumeratedHeaders', 'toggleDragDrop', '\n',
'formatSpoilers', 'formatThumbnail', 'addVideo', '\n',
'toggleMetaView', 'wailang', 'toggleFormatlessPaste',
], [
'alignLeft', 'alignCenter', 'alignRight', 'alignJustify', '\n',
'orderedList', 'unorderedList', 'indentList', 'outdentList'
], [
label: "tab.insert.label",
showOn: { scope: 'Aloha.continuoustext' },
components: [
[ "createTable", "characterPicker", "insertLink",
"insertImage", "insertAbbr", "insertToc",
"insertHorizontalRule", "insertTag", 'insertSpoilers', 'insertVideo','insertThumbnail',]
label: "tab.img.label",
showOn: {scope: 'image'},
components: [
[ "imageSource", "\n",
"imageTitle" ],
[ "imageResizeWidth", "\n",
"imageResizeHeight" ],
[ "imageAlignLeft", "imageAlignRight", "imageAlignNone", "\n",
"imageCropButton", "imageCnrReset", "imageCnrRatio", ],
[ "imageBrowser" ],
label: "Thumbnail",
showOn: { scope: 'Aloha.Block.ThumbnailBlock' },
components: [
[ "thumbnailSrc", "thumbnailCaption","thumbnailRemove",],
["\n","thumbnailAlignLeft", "thumbnailAlignRight", "thumbnailAlignNone"]
label: "Spoiler",
showOn: { scope: 'Aloha.Block.SpoilerBlock' },
components: [
[ "spoilerTitle","spoilerRemove",],
label: "Video",
showOn: { scope: 'Aloha.Block.VideoBlock' },
components: [
[ "videoSrc",],
label: "YouTube",
showOn: { scope: 'Aloha.Block.YoutubeBlock' },
components: [
[ "videoId","videoParams","videoRemove"],
bundles: {
// Path for custom bundle relative from require.js path
user: '../../js/aloha-plugins'


About Aloha Editor
The [Aloha Editor]( is a WYSIWYG that uses the
HTML5 content-editable attribute of the browswer for the best editing experience.

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