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Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) in django.

Project description

django-amp-tools ( amp_tools ) provides a simple way to work with Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) in django and gives you tools at your hand to render some different templates to deliver an AMP version of your site to the user.

The initial idea, which has guided the development of this application from django-mobile app, is to keep your views exactly the same but to transparently interchange the templates used to render a response.

This is done in two steps:

  1. A middleware determines the client’s preference to view your site. E.g. if he wants to use the AMP or the standart version.

  2. The template loader takes then care of choosing the correct templates based on the GET param detected in the middleware.


Pre-Requirements: django-amp-tools depends on django’s sites framework. So before you try to use django-amp-tools make sure that the sites framework is enabled and working.

  1. Install django-amp-tools with your favourite python tool, e.g. with easy_install django-amp-tools or pip install django-amp-tools.

  2. Add amp_tools to your INSTALLED_APPS setting in the

  3. Add amp_tools.middleware.AMPDetectionMiddleware to end of your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting.

  4. Add amp_tools.loader.Loader as first item to your loaders list for TEMPLATES setting in


See docs/usage.rst

Documentation is available online, or in the doc directory of the project.

The source code for this app is hosted at

Pull requests are welcome. See <>`_.

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