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A set of django tools to help you create JSON service..

Project description


A set of django tools to help you create JSON service.


pip install django-apiview

Installed Decorators

  • @apiview
  • @requires(*required_parameter_names)
  • @choices(field, choices, allow_none=False)
  • @between(field, min, max, include_min=True, include_max=True, annotation=Number, allow_none=False)
  • @rsa_decrypt(field, private_key_instance)
  • @meta_variable(variable_name, meta_name)
  • @cache(key, expire=None, cache_name="default", get_from_cache=True, set_to_cache=True)
  • @safe_apiview(get_client_rsa_publickey, **kwargs)
  • @decode_encrypted_data(result_encoder=cipherutils.SafeBase64Encoder(), privatekey=None, server_rsa_privatekey_filedname="RSA_PRIVATEKEY", encrypted_password_fieldname="encryptedPassword", encrypted_data_fieldname="encryptedData")
  • @check_aclkey(aclkey=None, aclkey_field_name="aclkey")
    • default aclkey=settings.DJANGO_APIVIEW_ACLKEY
  • @string_length_limit


  • @apiview
    1. apiview = Apiview(SimpleJsonPacker())
  • @safe_apiview(...)
    1. Requires django_middleware_global_request, see django_middleware_global_request's usage at
    2. Requires server rsa settings: RSA_PRIVATEKEY_STRING, RSA_PRIVATEKEY (load RSA_PRIVATEKEY_STRING as RsaKey)
    3. Callback function get_client_rsa_publickey defines: def get_client_rsa_publickey(client_id): pass
    4. kwargs:
      1. client_id_fieldname = "clientId"
      2. client_rsa_publickey_fieldname = "CLIENT_RSA_PUBLICKEY"
      3. result_encoder = cipherutils.SafeBase64Encoder()
      4. server_rsa_privatekey_filedname = RSA_PRIVATEKEY
      5. encrypted_password_fieldname = encryptedPassword
      6. encrypted_data_fieldname = encryptedData
      7. packer_class = SafeJsonResultPacker
      8. password_length = 32
  • @cache(...)
    2. Optional setting: DJANGO_APIVIEW_DEFAULT_CACHE_EXPIRE = None



  • Apiview always set csrf_exempt=True.
  • @apiview or @safe_apiview decorator must be the first decorator.
  • Return raw data without serialized, we'll do result pack for you.


import time
from django_apiview.views import apiview
from django_apiview.views import requires
from django_apiview.views import choices
from django_apiview.views import between

def ping():
    return "pong"

def timestamp():
    return int(time.time())

def echo(msg: str):
    return msg

def getBooleanResult(value : bool):
    return value

def getIntegerResult(value: int):
    return value

def getBytesResult(value: bytes):
    return value

@choices("op", ["+", "-", "*", "/"])
@between("a", 2, 10, include_min=False)
@between("b", 2, 10, include_max=False)
def calc(a: int, op: str, b: int):
    if op == "+":
        return a + b
    if op == "-":
        return a - b
    if op == "*":
        return a * b
    if op == "/":
        return a / b

def safe_ping():
    return "pong"


Version Released Time Content Notice
v0.1.0 2019/08/27 1. First release.
v0.1.1 2019/08/28 2. Add PAYLOAD injection, PAYLOAD field has low priority.
v0.1.2 2019/08/29 3. Fix form process problem.
v0.1.3 2019/08/31 4. Add logging while getting result failed in @apiview.
5. Add Map, List annotations.
v0.2.0 2019/12/08 6. Using fastutils.typingutils for annotation cast.
7. Add result pack mechanism.
8. Move example views from the main app to example app and the example app is not include in published package.
v0.3.1 2020/07/01 9. Change app name from apiview to django_apiview.
10. Add parameter validators.
WARN: NOT backward compatible.
v0.3.2 2020/07/18 11. Add Apiview class based implementation.
12. Add setup_result_packer api.
13. Rename simple_json_result_packer to simple_result_packer.
v0.3.3 2020/07/24 14. Add rsa_decrypt decorator.
v0.3.4 2020/07/26 15. Fix BizError class check problem.
v0.4.0 2020/08/06 16. Add meta_variable decorator.
17. Datetime value encode to native time, and in format like 2020-08-06 14:41:00.
v0.5.0 2020/08/13 18. Add cache decorator.
19. Add func's default values to
v0.6.0 2020/09/06 20. Add safe_apiview.
v0.7.0 2020/09/28 21. Add batch_mode parameter support for cache.
v0.8.0 2020/09/30 22. Add ApiviewDecorator to make decorator programming easier.
23. Fix some function reference problem.
v0.8.3 2020/09/30 24. Fix variable reference problem.
v0.8.4 2020/11/18 25. Add cache entry_point manage.
v0.8.6 2020/12/24 26. Add check_aclkey.
27. Parse json data before doing data unpack.
v0.8.8 2021/02/08 28. Use logger.exception instead of logger.error, so that we get running stack message.
29. use cache.expire(key, expire) after cache.set(key, value) instread of cache.set(key, value, keepttl=expire).
v0.8.9 2021/02/08 30. Fix boolean calc problem.
v0.9.2 2021/02/09 31. Add log_api_response_time. Removed
v0.9.7 2021/02/21 32. Add string_length_limit.
33. Fix SimpleJsonResultPacker.unpack.
v0.9.20 2021/02/24 34. @requires support A-OR-B model parameters check.
35. Fix SimpleJsonResultPacker.unpack if missing success filed.
36. Remove api response time log models. Waste resources. Get response time from nginx access log instread.
37. make cache cleaners setup easy.
v0.9.21 2021/02/25 38. Update dependent packages' version.
v0.9.23 2021/02/26 39. Handle json dumps error at the last step.
40. Create response instance first so that you can handle the response instance: _django_apiview_response.
41. rsa_decrypt fix None problem.
v0.9.25 2021/03/24 42. Fix empty result problem.
43. Fix logging problem.
v0.9.26 2021/04/08 44. Add cookie_variable.
v0.9.27 2021/04/09 45. Fix between not using annotation parameter problem.
v0.9.28 2021/07/01 46. SimpleCacheCleaner Cache cleaner should only do once per request.
v0.9.29 2022/01/18 47. Fix pack_result parameter conflict problem.

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