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A set of django tools to help you create JSON service..

Project description


A set of django tools to help you create JSON service.


pip install django-apiview

Installed Decorators

  • @apiview
  • @requires(*parameter_names)
  • @choices(field, choices, allow_none=False)
  • @between(field, min, max, include_min=True, include_max=True, annotation=Number, allow_none=False)
  • @rsa_decrypt(field, private_key_instance)
  • @meta_variable(variable_name, meta_name)
  • @cache(key, expire=None, cache_name="default", get_from_cache=True, set_to_cache=True)
  • @safe_apiview(get_client_rsa_publickey, **kwargs)
  • @decode_encrypted_data(result_encoder=cipherutils.SafeBase64Encoder(), privatekey=None, server_rsa_privatekey_filedname="RSA_PRIVATEKEY", encrypted_password_fieldname="encryptedPassword", encrypted_data_fieldname="encryptedData")
  • @check_aclkey(aclkey=None, aclkey_field_name="aclkey")
    • default aclkey=settings.DJANGO_APIVIEW_ACLKEY


  • @apiview
    1. apiview = Apiview(SimpleJsonPacker())
  • @safe_apiview(...)
    1. Requires django_middleware_global_request, see django_middleware_global_request's usage at
    2. Requires server rsa settings: RSA_PRIVATEKEY_STRING, RSA_PRIVATEKEY (load RSA_PRIVATEKEY_STRING as RsaKey)
    3. Callback function get_client_rsa_publickey defines: def get_client_rsa_publickey(client_id): pass
    4. kwargs:
      1. client_id_fieldname = "clientId"
      2. client_rsa_publickey_fieldname = "CLIENT_RSA_PUBLICKEY"
      3. result_encoder = cipherutils.SafeBase64Encoder()
      4. server_rsa_privatekey_filedname = RSA_PRIVATEKEY
      5. encrypted_password_fieldname = encryptedPassword
      6. encrypted_data_fieldname = encryptedData
      7. packer_class = SafeJsonResultPacker
      8. password_length = 32
  • @cache(...)
    2. Optional setting: DJANGO_APIVIEW_DEFAULT_CACHE_EXPIRE = None



  • You DON'T need to put django_apiview into INSTALLED_APPS.
  • Apiview always set csrf_exempt=True.
  • @apiview or @safe_apiview decorator must be the first decorator.
  • Return raw data without serialized, we'll do result pack for you.


import time
from django_apiview.views import apiview
from django_apiview.views import requires
from django_apiview.views import choices
from django_apiview.views import between

def ping():
    return "pong"

def timestamp():
    return int(time.time())

def echo(msg: str):
    return msg

def getBooleanResult(value : bool):
    return value

def getIntegerResult(value: int):
    return value

def getBytesResult(value: bytes):
    return value

@choices("op", ["+", "-", "*", "/"])
@between("a", 2, 10, include_min=False)
@between("b", 2, 10, include_max=False)
def calc(a: int, op: str, b: int):
    if op == "+":
        return a + b
    if op == "-":
        return a - b
    if op == "*":
        return a * b
    if op == "/":
        return a / b

def safe_ping():
    return "pong"

Bug report

Please report any issues at


v0.8.8 2021/02/08

  • Use logger.exception instead of logger.error, so that we get running stack message.
  • use cache.expire(key, expire) after cache.set(key, value) instread of cache.set(key, value, keepttl=expire).

v0.8.6 2020/12/24

  • Add check_aclkey.
  • Parse json data before doing data unpack.

v0.8.4 2020/11/18

  • Add cache entry_point manage.

v0.8.3 2020/09/30

  • Fix variable reference problem.

v0.8.2 2020/09/30

  • Fix variable reference problem.

v0.8.1 2020/09/30

  • Fix variable reference problem.

v0.8.0 2020/09/30

  • Add ApiviewDecorator to make decorator programming easier.
  • Fix some function reference problem.

v0.7.0 2020/09/28

  • Add batch_mode parameter support for cache.

v0.6.0 2020/09/06

  • Add safe_apiview.

v0.5.0 2020/08/13

  • Add cache decorator.
  • Add func's default values to

v0.4.0 2020/08/06

  • Add meta_variable decorator.
  • Datetime value encode to native time, and in format like 2020-08-06 14:41:00.

v0.3.4 2020/07/26

  • Fix BizError class check problem.

v0.3.3 2020/07/24

  • Add rsa_decrypt decorator.

v0.3.2 2020/07/18

  • Add Apiview class based implementation.
  • Add setup_result_packer api.
  • Rename simple_json_result_packer to simple_result_packer.

v0.3.1 2020/07/01

  • Change app name from apiview to django_apiview.
  • Add parameter validators.
  • WARN: NOT backward compatible.


  • Using fastutils.typingutils for annotation cast.
  • Add result pack mechanism.
  • Move example views from the main app to example app and the example app is not include in published package.


  • Add logging while getting result failed in @apiview.
  • Add Map, List annotations.


  • Fix form process problem.


  • Add PAYLOAD injection, PAYLOAD field has low priority.


  • First release,

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