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Django FogBugz authentication backend

Project description

This authentication backend for django, will authenticate against a FogBugz ( issue tracker. It uses the python interface ( to the FogBugz API (

User Model Extension

There is an extension profile model which is included with this auth backend to help with integrating with the FogBugz API when you set AUTH_FOGBUGZ_ENABLE_TOKEN_PROFILE to True in your settings, and include django-auth-fogbugz as an application in INSTALLED_APPS (see below):



import fogbugz
from django.conf import settings

fb = fogbugz.FogBugz(settings.AUTH_FOGBUGZ_SERVER,
resp ='assignedTo:"me" status:"Active"',
top_ten = ''
for case in resp.cases.findAll('case'):
     top_ten += "%s: %s\n" % (case.ixbug.string,



# By default community users will not be authenticated. If you wish to include
# FogBugz community user logins, set this to True.

# Have django-auth-fogbugz create the django user if it does not already
# exist, and the user authenticates.

# If your FogBugz server is using the LDAP integration for authentication, then
# You need to set this to True in order to have authentication work properly.
# If you are also have AUTH_FOGBUGZ_AUTO_CREATE_USERS set to True, then the
# first time a user logs in to the django site, they must use their LDAP
# username, and not their e-mail address.

# FogBugz has a concept if a superuser, the 'administrator' flag on accounts.
# The following settings will map this information to the django account.

# There is an extension profile model which is included with this auth backend
# to help with integrating with the FogBugz API::
#     user.fogbugz.token
#     user.fogbugz.ixPerson
# ..warning:: If you enable this profile, make sure your SESSION_COOKIE_AGE
#             is less than or equal to the FogBugz expiration time (2 weeks,
#             same as the django default) and that FogBugz Server
#             Configuraition for Authentication logon is set to
#            ``"Remember Me" Allowed``.
# ..warning:: Enabling the user profile extension will allow any code with
#             access to the user models to have a login authentication token
#             for non-expired users. This could allow Django code to access
#             the FogBugz server as those users.
# You must also add 'django-auth-fogbugz' as django app in your
# INSTALLED_APPS when enabling this.

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