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Django Basic Email application

Project description

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This Django Basic Email enable you to create emails in easy way.

This CMS is know to work on Django 1.4+ with Python 2.6+ and 3.3+


Get package or install by pip:

pip install django-basic-email


Modify your Add 'basic_email' to your INSTALLED_APPS like this:



Create template emails/email_example.html and send email:

from basic_email.send import send_email
send_email('example', '', 'Hello')
  • template template name from scheme emails/email_<name>.html

  • email - receiver email

  • subject - subject email

  • variables - dict with variables to pass to template render

  • fail_silently - flag if error in sending email should raise (default False)

  • replace_variables - dict with variables to replace in template

  • reply_to - reply_to header

  • attachments - attachments list (file objects)

  • memory_attachments - attachments list (string objects)


  1. Fork repository (if you don’t have write permission).

  2. Create a branch.

  3. Add feature or fix a bug.

  4. Push code.

  5. Create a Pull Request.

Automated tests

Require Tox>=1.8

Testing all platforms


Testing one platforms

tox -e <platform>


tox -e py27-django-17

Testing interface

  1. Create virtual environment:

    # Preparing virtualenv paths (optional if your profile doesn't have it).
    export WORKON_HOME=~/Envs
    source /usr/bin/
    # or: source /usr/local/bin/
    # Start by creating a virtual environment using the helper scripts provided. Do not include the systems site-packages.
    mkvirtualenv django-basic-email --no-site-packages
    workon django-basic-email
  2. Install django-basic-email in editable mode:

    pip install -e .
  3. Run example project:

    cd example_project && ./ migrate && ./ runserver

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django-basic-email-0.0.2.tar.gz (6.5 kB view hashes)

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