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Improves Django migration system.

Project description

Django Better Migrations

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This project aims at providing improvements to Django's default migration system.
The default migration system is over-engineered, sometimes dangerous, and not
team work friendly.

More informations in the documentation, see "docs/" folder.


See below migration, generated automatically via ` makemigrations`:
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Generated by Django 1.9 on 2017-12-01 00:00
from __future__ import unicode_literals

from django.db import migrations, models

# Generated SQL code (sqlite):
# --
# -- Create model Person
# --
# CREATE TABLE "example_app_person" ("id" integer NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, "name" varchar(100) NOT NULL);

# Check results:
# CHECK OK: No ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN with non-NULL constraint
class Migration(migrations.Migration):

initial = True

dependencies = [

operations = [
('id', models.AutoField(auto_created=True, primary_key=True, serialize=False, verbose_name='ID')),
('name', models.CharField(max_length=100)),


MIT, see `LICENSE` file.

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