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Work with hexadecimal, store in binary, using half of the data size.

Project description

Work with hexadecimal, store in binary, using half of the data size.


Just install via pip:

pip install django-binhash

And add to your apps on

    # Django apps
    # Your apps



Tested under Python from 3.3 to 3.6 and also Legacy Python (2.7).

Tested under Django 1.8 to 1.11, but it can possibly run in versions way older, since the fields structure is stable for a long time.


At the version 0.1.0 it was only tested on SQLite, but if should work fine in all databases officially supported by Django.


  • MD5

    • MD5Field

  • SHA-1

    • SHA1Field

  • SHA-2

    • SHA224Field

    • SHA256Field

    • SHA384Field

    • SHA512Field


Just import and set some fields:

from django.db import models
from binhash import (MD5Field, SHA1Field, SHA256Field)

class ISOFile(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField('Name', max_length=30)
    url = models.URLField('URL')
    md5sum = MD5Field('MD5 Checksum')
    sha1sum = SHA1Field('SHA-1 Checksum')
    sha256sum = SHA256Field('SHA-256 Checksum')

Than, proceed using them like CharFields:

# Create normaly as if the fields were strings:
ISOFile.objects.create(name='Ubuntu Server 17.04',

# Fetch by string is also supported:
ubuntu = ISOFile.objects.get(md5sum='d02df11b4a7318b7250824f6d0bab9c0')

# Everything works as expected on the application side:
print(ubuntu.sha1sum)  # Shows bc5fb639724b5cd90eb739845f246e2c564b0dd8
print(type(ubuntu.sha1sum))  # Shows <class 'str'>

If you are feeling skeptical, check the database:

$ ./ dbshell
sqlite> .header on
sqlite> .mode column
sqlite> select hex(sha1sum) hex_sha1,
   ...>        length(hex(sha1sum)) size_if_this_was_varchar,
   ...>        length(sha1sum) actual_size
   ...> from downloads_isofile;
hex_sha1                                  size_if_this_was_varchar  actual_size
----------------------------------------  ------------------------  -----------
BC5FB639724B5CD90EB739845F246E2C564B0DD8  40                        20


This library is released under the 3-Clause BSD License.

tl;dr: “free to use as long as you credit me”.

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