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A clear and powerful weblog application powered with Django

Project description

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Simple yet powerful and really extendable application for managing a blog within your Django Web site.

Zinnia has been made for publishing Weblog entries and designed to do it well.

Basically any feature that can be provided by another reusable app has been left out. Why should we re-implement something that is already done and reviewed by others and tested?

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More than a long speech, here the list of the main features:


Take a look at the online demo at: or you can visit these websites who use Zinnia.

If you are a proud user of Zinnia, send me the URL of your website and I will add it to the list.

Online resources

More information and help available at these URLs:


  • Remove compatibility with Django 1.x

  • Remove code for Python 2.0

  • Documentation improvements…v0.20


  • Compatibility with Django 1.11

  • Fix Threading issues in tests

  • Improve comparison of entries

  • Send mail to staff in case of comment moderation

  • Implement spam-checkers on Pingbacks and Trackbacks

  • Return the number of entries in the category_tree templatetag

  • Integration via BrowserSync…v0.19


  • Fix messed relationships in Python 3…v0.18.1


  • Compatibility with Django 1.10…v0.18


  • Compatibility with Django 1.9

  • Fix RSS enclosure

  • Fix paginator issue

  • Implement Entry.lead_html method

  • Usage of regex module to speed up…v0.17


  • Improve testing

  • Improve documentation

  • Reduce queries on entry_detail_view

  • Implement custom templates within a loop

  • Add a publication_date field to remove ambiguosity

  • Remove WXR template

  • Remove usage of Context

  • Remove BeautifulSoup warnings…v0.16


  • Covering of the code at 100%

  • Compatibility with Django 1.8

  • Improvements on the Calendar

  • Improvements on CategoryFeed

  • Improvements on

  • Improvements on ping of external URLs

  • Improvements on the comparison module

  • Improvements on the translation strings

  • The default theme is now in HTML5

  • The default theme supports Microdatas

  • Add a lead field on the Entry model

  • Add an image_caption field on the Entry model

  • Fix preview of entries when not yet published

  • Fix migrations when using custom User model

  • More generic parameter for MarkDown extensions

  • Import utilies were moved to their own package

  • The fields where the search is done are now configurable…v0.15.2


  • Documentation improvements

  • Fix migration issues with Django 1.7…v0.15.1


  • Django 1.6 is no longer supported.…v0.15


  • Improvement on the default theme * RSS links * Better translations * Correct title markup * Fix anchors for linkbacks

  • Reorder the provided statics

  • Rename zinnia_tags to zinnia

  • Fix calendar in archive day view

  • Fix Textitle rendering on Python 3

  • Fix feeds for authors with accents

  • Fix admin issue with custom Entry model

  • Do not include anymore jQuery in admin for entries

  • Admin tag autocompletion with a widget based on select2

  • Configurable upload path for image field with inheritance…v0.14.3


  • Optimize sitemap page

  • Smarter widont filter

  • Fix issue on pagination

  • Fix several admin issues

  • Fix short link for unpublished entries

  • Integration with Gulp.js

  • HTML and CSS fixes on default theme

  • Tested under PostGres and MySQL and SQLite

  • URLs are now under the zinnia namespace

  • Move Twitter support to zinnia-twitter

  • Move Mollom support to zinnia-spam-checker-mollom

  • Move Akismet support to zinnia-spam-checker-akismet

  • Move support to zinnia-url-shortener-bitly

  • Move TinyMCE support to zinnia-wysiwyg-tinymce

  • Move MarkItUp support to zinnia-wysiwyg-markitup

  • Move WYMEditor support to zinnia-wysiwyg-wymeditor

  • Use django_comments instead of django.contrib.comments…v0.14.2


  • Fix dates on WXR export

  • Fix blogger2zinnia unicode issue

  • Fix unicode issue on Category admin

  • Fix URL errors with custom comment app

  • Full support of custom User model

  • Metrics for the content previews

  • More useable pagination

  • More blocks for customizing reactions

  • Minor documentation updates

  • Minor fixes for default skin

  • Review admin form for editing the entries

  • Restricted preview for unpublished entries…v0.14.1


  • Full Python 3.0 support

  • Django 1.5 is no longer supported

  • Better support of custom User model

  • Improvements on the archives by week

  • Fix timezone issues in templatetags and archives

  • Database query optimizations in the archives views…v0.14


  • Start Python 3.0 support

  • Display page number in list

  • Basic support of custom User

  • Django 1.4 is no longer supported…v0.13


  • Better skeleton.html

  • Better rendering for the slider

  • Add view for having a random entry

  • Compatibility fix with Django 1.5 in admin

  • Fix issue with author detail view paginated

  • Better settings for ZINNIA_AUTO_CLOSE_*_AFTER


  • CSS updates and fixes

  • Fix viewport meta tag

  • I18n support for the URLs

  • Update MarkItUp to v1.1.13

  • Update WYMeditor to v1.0.0b3

  • Entry’s content can be blank

  • Compatibility fix for WXR > 1.0

  • Fix potential issue on check_is_spam


  • Microformats improved

  • Improve Blogger importer

  • Finest control on linkbacks

  • Split Entry model into mixins

  • Compatibility fix with Django 1.5

  • Custom template for content rendering

  • Fix Python 2.7 issues with wp2zinnia


  • Optimizations on the templates

  • Optimizations on the database queries

  • Denormalization of the comments

  • get_authors context improved

  • get_tag_cloud context improved

  • get_categories context improved

  • Default theme declinations

  • Default theme more responsive

  • Updating helloworld.json fixture

  • Fix issues with authors in wp2zinnia

  • Better integration of the comments system

  • Models has been splitted into differents modules


  • New admin filter for authors

  • Minor translation improvements

  • Minor documentation improvements

  • wp2zinnia handle wxr version 1.2

  • Customizations of the templates with ease

  • Define a custom Author.__unicode__ method

  • Fix issue with duplicate spam comments

  • Fix bug in PreviousNextPublishedMixin

  • Fix bug in QuickEntry with non ascii title

  • Fix collectstatic with CachedStaticFilesStorage


  • Fix issues with get_absolute_url and zbreadcrumbs when time-zone support is enabled.


  • Class-based views

  • Time zones support

  • Pagination on archives

  • Better archive by week view

  • Update of the breadcrumbs tag

  • Improving wp2zinnia command

  • New long_enough spam checker

  • Custom templates for archive views

  • Publication dates become unrequired

  • No runtime warnings on Django 1.4

  • Django 1.3 is no longer supported

  • And a lot of bug fixes


  • Django 1.4 compatibility support

  • Compatibility with django-mptt >= 5.1

  • zinnia.plugins is now removed


  • Better default templates

  • CSS refactoring with Sass3

  • Statistics about the content

  • Improvement of the documentation

  • Entry’s Meta options can be extended

  • Django 1.2 is no longer supported

  • zinnia.plugins is deprecated in favor of cmsplugin_zinnia

  • And a lot of bug fixes


  • Improved URL shortening

  • Improved moderation system

  • Better support of django-tagging

  • Blogger to Zinnia utility command

  • OpenSearch capabilities

  • Upgraded search engine

  • Feed to Zinnia utility command

  • And a lot of bug fixes


  • Admin dashboard

  • Featured entries

  • Using Microformats

  • Mails for comment reply

  • Entry model can be extended

  • More plugins for django-cms

  • Zinnia to Wordpress utility command

  • Code cleaning and optimizations

  • And a lot of bug fixes


  • Using signals

  • Trackback support

  • Ping external URLs

  • Private posts

  • Hierarchical categories

  • TinyMCE integration

  • Code optimizations

  • And a lot of bug fixes


  • Handling PingBacks

  • Support MetaWeblog API

  • Passing to Django 1.2.x

  • Breadcrumbs templatetag

  • Bug correction in calendar widget

  • Wordpress to Zinnia utility command

  • Major bug correction on publication system

  • And a lot of bug fixes


  • Packaging

  • Tests added

  • Translations

  • Better templates

  • New templatetags

  • Plugins for django-cms

  • Twitter and support

  • Publishing sources on

0.4 and before

  • The previous versions of Zinnia were not packaged, and were destinated for a personnal use.

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