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A clear and powerfull weblog application powered with Django

Project description

Simple yet powerful application for managing a blog within your Django website.

Zinnia has been made for publishing weblog entries and designed to do it well.

Basically any feature that can be provided by another reusable app has been left out. Why should we re-implement something that is already done and reviewed by others and tested ?


More than a long speech, here the list of the main features :


Take a look at the online demo at : or you can visit these websites who use Zinnia.

If you are a proud user of Zinnia, send me the URL of your website and I will add it to the list.

Online resources

More information and help available at these URLs :



Make sure to install these packages prior to installation :

The packages below are optionnal but needed for run the full test suite.

Note that all the dependencies will be resolved if you install Zinnia with pip or easy_install, excepting Django.

Getting the code

You could retrieve the last sources from and run the installation script

$ python install

or use pip

$ pip install -e git://

For the latest stable version use easy_install

$ easy_install django-blog-zinnia


Then register zinnia, and these following applications in the INSTALLED_APPS section of your project’s settings.

  # Your favorite apps

Template Context Processors

Add these following template context processors if not already present.

  'zinnia.context_processors.version', # Optional

Media Files

You have to make a symbolic link from zinnia/media/zinnia directory to your media directory or make a copy named zinnia, but if want to change this value, define ZINNIA_MEDIA_URL in the as appropriate.

And don’t forget to serve this URL.


Add the following lines to your project’s in order to display the blog.

url(r'^weblog/', include('zinnia.urls')),
url(r'^comments/', include('django.contrib.comments.urls')),

Note that the default zinnia URLset is provided for convenient usage, but you can customize your URLs if you want. Here’s how :

url(r'^', include('zinnia.urls.capabilities')),
url(r'^search/', include('')),
url(r'^sitemap/', include('zinnia.urls.sitemap')),
url(r'^trackback/', include('zinnia.urls.trackback')),
url(r'^weblog/tags/', include('zinnia.urls.tags')),
url(r'^weblog/feeds/', include('zinnia.urls.feeds')),
url(r'^weblog/authors/', include('zinnia.urls.authors')),
url(r'^weblog/categories/', include('zinnia.urls.categories')),
url(r'^weblog/discussions/', include('zinnia.urls.discussions')),
url(r'^weblog/', include('zinnia.urls.quick_entry')),
url(r'^weblog/', include('zinnia.urls.entries')),
url(r'^comments/', include('django.contrib.comments.urls')),



  • Improved URL shortening

  • Improved moderation system

  • Better support of django-tagging

  • Blogger to Zinnia utility command

  • OpenSearch capabilities

  • Upgraded search engine

  • Feed to Zinnia utility command

  • And a lot of bug fixes


  • Admin dashboard

  • Featured entries

  • Using Microformats

  • Mails for comment reply

  • Entry model can be extended

  • More plugins for django-cms

  • Zinnia to Wordpress utility command

  • Code cleaning and optimizations

  • And a lot of bug fixes


  • Using signals

  • Trackback support

  • Ping external urls

  • Private posts

  • Hierarchical categories

  • TinyMCE integration

  • Code optimizations

  • And a lot of bug fixes


  • Handling PingBacks

  • Support MetaWeblog API

  • Passing to Django 1.2.x

  • Breadcrumbs templatetag

  • Bug correction in calendar widget

  • Wordpress to Zinnia utility command

  • Major bug correction on publication system

  • And a lot of bug fixes


  • Packaging

  • Tests added

  • Translations

  • Better templates

  • New templatetags

  • Plugins for django-cms

  • Twitter and support

  • Publishing sources on

0.4 and before

  • The previous versions of Zinnia were not packaged, and were destinated for a personnal use.

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