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Datepicker that supports the selection of multiple dates for Django, using Bootstrap Twitter.

Project description


Datepicker that supports the selection of multiple dates for Django,
using Bootstrap Twitter.

The aim of this package is to provide widgets and form fields for Django
that use
`bootstrap-datepicker <>`__.

There are some packages that already try to do this, however I've never
found one with working multidate support. The package's homepage can be
`here <>`__
on GitHub.

I'll slightly follow the package as provide
`here <>`__.
This package supports single date selection, mine will cover multidate
selection. Because that's not so much change I'll actually copy a lot
from this code base.


This package does what I want for a specific purpose, if you have any
suggestions contact me! This package is still in an early beta.


I've used some libraries and I wish to thank the people who wrote them!
\* Of course the `Django <>`__ developers
`bootstrap3\_datepicker <>`__
\* `JavaScript Date
Format <>`__

And all the people I've forgotten ;).


Licensed under the `Apache License, Version
2.0 <>`__.

Example Usage

There is a small demo included in this package. However make sure that
``'django_bootstrap3_multidatepicker'`` and ``'bootstrap3'`` are
contained in your ``'INSTALLED_APPS'``.

You should also change the bootstrap3 default behaviour and take care
that ``'javascript_in_head'`` is set to ``True``, i.e. put in your

.. code:: python

'javascript_in_head': True,

There is a widget called ``BootstrapDatepickerInput`` and a form field
``DateListField``. They should be used together, otherwise I can't
guarantee anything ;).

The ``DateListField`` stores the dates as python list of
```` objects. The hidden input stores a json list
containing all the selected dates in the form ``"yyyy/mm/dd"``, e.g.
``"2016/02/22"``. It's method ``to_python`` gets the string from the
hidden input, tries to parse them in the given format and returns the
list of all dates.

Here's a small example that displays a calendar and lets the user select
the inputs.

.. code:: python

from django import forms

from from django_bootstrap3_multidatepicker.django_bootstrap3_multidatepicker import widgets, fields import widgets, fields

class YourForm(forms.Form):
dates = fields.DateListField(label='Select Dates')

Adding a template etc. will give you a calendar like this:

.. figure:: doc/imgs/widget_example.png
:alt: Example of the widget

Example of the widget
A view could look like this:

.. code:: python

class MultiDateForm(FormView):
template_name = YourTemplate
form_class = YourForm

def form_valid(self, form):
dates = form.cleaned_data['dates']
return render(self.request, YourSuccessTemplate, {'dates': dates})

In YourSuccessTemplate you can do something like this:

.. code:: html

The following dates were selected:

{% if dates %}
{% for date in dates %}
<li>{{ date|date:"SHORT_DATE_FORMAT" }}</li>
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}

Your result will look something like this: |Success page|

.. |Success page| image:: doc/imgs/success.png

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