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Django layer on top of the bureaucracy package

Project description

# Django-bureaucracy

Django-Bureaucracy is a small wrapper around the [bureacracy](
package that can be used to generate word and pdf documents from .docx-templates
using Mailmerge fields.

## Installation:

pip install --process-dependency-links -e git+

(Note that setuptools is annoying and that this doesn't work without the
`--process-dependency-links` flag which is deprecated. Have fun figuring out
how to do this when it's removed.)

... and then add `django_bureaucracy` to `INSTALLED_APPS`.

## Usage

### Example


from django_bureaucracy.models import Document

# The document model is used to store a template and render documents from a context:

doc = Document(

context = {
'table': Table(data=[['this is the first cell of the first row', 'this is the second cell of the first row'],
['the second row', 'etc'],
['etc', 'etc']],
headers=['header 1', 'header 2']),
'image': Image('pigeon.jpg')
'html': HTML("<h1>This is a header from html. And the styling works! Right?</h1><p><strong>bold</strong>-notbold</p><ul><li>hop</li><li>la</li><li>kee</li></ul>")
'text': 'some text',

# return bytes of the document generated from the template file and the context
doc_bytes = doc.render(context)

# idem but for pdf bytes:
pdf_bytes = doc.render(context, format='pdf')

# save to a file:
doc.render_to_file(context, '/path/to/file') # docx
doc.render_to_file(context, '/path/to/file', format='pdf') # pdf

### Rendering to HTTPResponse with the correct mimetype.


from django_bureaucracy.shortcuts import render_to_download

def view(request)

# (...)

resp = render_to_download(Document.objects.get(...), context, format='docx')
# or...
resp = render_to_download(DocxTemplate(...), context, format='pdf')
# or ...
resp = render_to_download(DocxTemplate('/path/to/file', context)
# or ...
resp = render_to_download(DocxTemplate(file_like_object, context)

return resp


### Admin Integration

When the package is installed, `Document`-objects can be created in the
admin. When the `validate_fields` box is checked, the model's `clean` method
will check the `DOCX_TEMPLATE_VARS` setting to see whether the fields in
the template file and the document type match the ones provided in the setting and
raise a `ValidationError` if this is not the case.


# in

'tps_report': ['image', 'table', 'html', 'text'],
'letter': ['graph']

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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