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Bringing statistics to your CADD projects

Project description

Statistics for your Computer Aided Drug Design projects as a django specific package. View CADD Stat now:


The aim of CADD Stat is to cover all the statistics covered in the placemat that was present at the conference.


If you find a bug please send feedback via the app itself, or log an issue. If you know how to fix the bug feel free to make to fork the repo and submit a pull request, see below.


Contributions are welcome as a pull request. Do not forget to add yourself to the AUTHORS file. Learn more about GitHub pull requests. All contributions are subject the same license as CADD Stat. To create suitable development environment in a virtualenv run pip install -r requirements.txt. Please run the test suite before submitting a pull request:

# or
python test

You can test against multiple Django versions by running tox or run in parallel with detox. Check our test coverage by running:

coverage run


CADD Stat is provided with a BSD 3-clause license, see the LICENSE file for full details. In addition it utilizes numerous other python open source libraries all of which are listed in requirements.txt.


Change Log

  • 0.1 (09/16/13)

    • Initial release with feedback from the GRC conference.

    • Added Pearson and Cohen’s size effect tests.


Grab the latest released version from PyPi and install into a virtualenv:

pip install django-caddstat
pip install django-caddstat[numpy]
pip install django-caddstat[statslibs]
pip install django-caddstat[statsmodels]

Multiple installation steps are required because of the way the scientific python ecosystem handles packaging. Note that Numpy and SciPy have multiple system dependencies (e.g. Fortran) which must be met before using pip. Read more on the SciPy website.

To install the development version of CADD Stat you must install like this:

pip install -e git+
pip install -e git+[numpy]
pip install -e git+[statslibs]
pip install -e git+[statsmodels]

Create or use an existing Django project:

pip install django startproject mysite
cd mysite/mysite

Add caddstat and analytical to your INSTALLED_APPS in


Add an entry to your project

urlpatterns = patterns(
    url(r'^', include('caddstat.urls')),

In this example CADD Stat will now be available on the root of your web site, e.g. You can start a local webserver with:

python runserver 8000

Note CADD Stat uses Celery to place all statistical tests in a queue. The above example does not use celery.

The feedback form ( will send an email to the address specified in the setting CADDSTAT_FEEDBACK_EMAIL, the default is Set a new value in your Ensure you have configured a email backend within your project first, see for more information.

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