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A simple Django app download and parse California campaign finance data from Cal-Access.

Project description

# django-calaccess-parser

A simple Django app to download, extract and load the [CAL-ACCESS]( campaign finance and lobbying activity database.

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## Requirements

- Django 1.6
- MySQL 5.5
- Patience

## Installation

- Install django-calaccess-parser with pip

$ pip install

- Configure the `DATABASE` dictionary in ``
DEBUG = False
'default': {
'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.mysql',
'NAME': 'local_calaccess_db',
'USER': 'calaccessuser',
'PASSWORD': 'password',
'HOST': 'localhost',
'PORT': '3306',
'local_infile': 1,

- Add `calaccess` to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

## Loading the data

- Set `settings.CALACCESS_DOWNLOAD_DIR` environment variable to your preferred path to store the data
- Next, sync the database, create a Django admin user, and run the management command to the load the CAL Access data
$ python syncdb
$ python downloadaccess
This'll take a while. Go grab some coffee or do something else productive with your life.

## Explore data

Start the development server and visit [](
to inspect the Cal-access data (you'll need the Admin app enabled).

## Available flags for `downloadcalaccess`
Usage: downloadcalaccess [options]

Download the latest snapshot of the CalAccess database

Verbosity level; 0=minimal output, 1=normal output,
2=verbose output, 3=very verbose output
--settings=SETTINGS The Python path to a settings module, e.g.
"myproject.settings.main". If this isn't provided, the
DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE environment variable will be
A directory to add to the Python path, e.g.
--traceback Raise on exception
--skip-download Skip downloading of the ZIP archive
--skip-unzip Skip unzipping of the archive
--skip-prep Skip prepping of the unzipped archive
--skip-clear Skip clearing out ZIP archive and extra files
--skip-clean Skip cleaning up the raw data files
--skip-load Skip loading up the raw data files
--noinput Download the ZIP archive without asking permission
--version show program's version number and exit
-h, --help show this help message and exit


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