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Django wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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Django-cryptocurrencies web wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Simple pluggable application inspired by django-bitcoin.

Python 3


  • Multi-currency
  • Celery support
  • Withdraw and Deposite
  • 3 types of balances: balance, unconfirmed, holded

Quick start

Edit Currency model

from cc.models import Currency

currency = Currency.objects.create(
    label = 'Bitcoin',
    ticker = 'BTC',
    api_url = 'http://root:toor@localhost:8332'

Start celery worker

$ celery worker -A

Get new addresses for wallets

$ celery call cc.tasks.refill_addresses_queue

Now you can create wallets, deposite and withdraw funds

from cc.models import Wallet

wallet = Wallet.objects.create(


wallet.withdraw_to_address('mvEnyQ9b9iTA11QMHAwSVtHUrtD4CTfiDB', Decimal('0.01'))

After creating a withdraw transaction you need to run

$ celery call cc.tasks.process_withdraw_transactions

Query for new deposite transactions:

$ cc.tasks.query_transactions

If you want to catch event from bitcoind, but these calls options in bitcoin.conf file

walletnotify=~/env/bin/celery call cc.tasks.query_transaction --args='["BTC", "'%s'"]'
blocknotify=~/env/bin/celery call cc.tasks.query_transactions --args='["BTC"]'

where "BTC" - ticker (short name) of the Currency


When you write applications that are working with money it is extremely important to use Database transactions. Currenly django-cc doesn't inclues any @transaction.atomic. You should do this by yourself.

In my code I have a higher level wrapper with @transaction.atomic and to get wallets I'm always using select for update, like Wallet.objects.select_for_update().get(addresses=address) to get a lock over the Wallet.

Supported crypto currencies

In general django-cc should work with most Bitcoin forks. I've tested it against: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash (not anonymous transactions), Dogecoin and Dash.

When you are adding any other Currency, than Bitcoin, you should define magicbyte and dust values. Use tables below to get the values.

Magic bytes

Magic bytes are used to verify withdraw addresses. They are different for each cryptocurrency

CC Mainnet Testnet
Bitcoin 0,5 111,196
Litecoin 48,50 58
Zcash 28 29
Dogecoin 30,22
Dash 76,16 140


Minimal amount of valid transaction

CC Dust size
Bitcoin 0.00005430
Litecoin 0.00054600


Tests are written using Regtest. To run them you need docker and docker-compose. Simply run docker-compose up and it will build and run all tests for you. Usually it takes about 5 min to run all the tests.

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