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better link dialog for ckeditor

Project description


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link plugin for ckeditor, based on django modelforms/modeladmin, allowing direct linking to your models, or to whatever your want.


To get the latest stable release from PyPi

.. code-block:: bash

pip install django-ckeditor-link

Add ``ckeditor_link`` to your ``INSTALLED_APPS``

.. code-block:: python


ckeditor_link does not need it's own database tables, so no need to migrate.


Have a look at ``ckeditor_link/tests/test_app/`` for a complete example.

Following steps are needed.

1. Define a link model. Proposed way: Create a base model, that you can extend from for example when
having a teaser model. And a CKLink model, whose purpose is only to provide a modelform and validation. No data is
ever written to that table, if used with DjangoLinkAdmin.

.. code-block:: python

# your_app/

class LinkModelBase(models.Model):
target = models.CharField(max_length=255, blank=True, default='', )
external_url = models.CharField(max_length=255, blank=True, default='',)
email = models.EmailField(blank=True, default='',)
testmodel = models.ForeignKey(TestModel, null=True, default=None, blank=True)

class Meta:
abstract = True

def __str__(self):
# do it better
return "LINK! %s" %

def get_link(self):
# return link value, based on fields.
return ""

class CKLinkModel(LinkModelBase):

2. Register your model with DjangoLinkAdmin.

.. code-block:: python

# your_app/
from ckeditor_link.admin import DjangoLinkAdmin

class CKModelLinkAdmin(DjangoLinkAdmin):
pass, CKModelLinkAdmin)

3. Configure your django-ckeditor (or whatever ck you use).

.. code-block:: python

# config for django-ckeditor

CKEDITOR_LINK_MODEL = 'ckeditor_link.tests.test_app.models.LinkModel'
CKEDITOR_LINK_IFRAME_URL = reverse_lazy('admin:test_app_linkmodel_add')
CKEDITOR_LINK_VERIFY_URL = reverse_lazy('admin:test_app_linkmodel_verify')

'default': {
'extraPlugins': ','.join(
# your extra plugins here
'toolbar': 'Custom',
'toolbar_Custom': [
['Bold', 'Underline'],
['DjangoLink', 'Unlink'],

4. In your template, use the django-ckeditor-link templatetag.

.. code-block:: html

available, undocumented. at your own risk (needs lxml)


Fork and code. Quickstart:

.. code-block:: bash

pip install -r test_requirements.txt
./ migrate # create local sqlite db
./ createsuperuser # you want that
./ loaddata test_app # same data that is used for running tests
./ runserver # goto localhost:8000/admin/ or localhost:8000/testmodel/2/

Either run `tox` for complete tests, or `python test --settings=ckeditor_link.tests.settings_test`

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