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An application for managing classroom details on a school website.

Project description

Stop right now if you think this is some awesome application to rival SchoolTool or PowerSchool or some other school management system. This is a lowly django application designed to help put up info about individual classrooms on a school website.

To that end, it lets you define staff, individual classrooms, grade levels, students (if you really want to track that on your public site). Each classroom gets it’s own blog, along with templates for the blog, subtemplates for individual posts so that attachments can be displayed in sensical ways. This blog portion draws heavily from django-articles by codekoala on Github.

There’s also room for classroom photos (the most recent one goes to the top of the default template, so you can change them seasonally), galleries of photos (via django-photologue) and probably more features that will come as the app is built.

That’s it for now.


` pip install django-classroom `

Else you could follow whatever procedure you use to install python packakges (easy_install, etc)


Currently there is little to configure. The important part is to wire it up in your django project:

` Show how to install an app and hook up URLs `

Templates (& URLs)

All templates go in a ‘classroom’ directory in your TEMPLATE_DIR:

### index.html (/) An index page of all active classrooms and staff members.

### room_list.html (/classrooms/) An index page of all active classrooms. The default template throws all active classrooms into a description list grid.

### room_detail.html (/classrooms/<slug>/) Displays the details of a classroom. Also contains variables for showing the ten latest blog posts and any galleries associated with the classroom.

### staff_list.html (/staff/) An index page of active staff members. There are mug shots for these, as well as contact information.

### staff_detail.html (/staff/<slug>/) A detail page of a staff member, default template allows for inline editing via a domwindow popup.

### room_blog_index.html (/<room>/blog/) The index page for a room’s blog index.

### room_blog_post.html (/<room>/blog/<year>/<slug>/) An absolute url page for a room’s blog post

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