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Widget for the Django ImageField that provides an interface for cropping the image client-side to a specific size.

Project description


Widget for the Django ImageField that provides an interface for cropping the image client-side (Using the Croppie Javascript library) to a specific size. Compatible with any Django form, including django-admin sites.

This widget differs from django-image-cropping because it performs the cropping operation in the browser instead of on the server.

  • Use django-image-cropping if you want to save a copy of the original image on your server.
  • Use django-client-side-image-cropping (this widget) if you don't need the original image. It will save you storage space and bandwidth.

Installation and setup

Install django-client-side-image-cropping (DCSIC) using pip :

pip install django-client-side-image-cropping

Make sure that 'django.contrib.staticfiles' is set up properly and add 'client_side_image_cropping' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting :

    # ...
    # ...

STATIC_URL = '/static/'

Including static JS and CSS files

DCSIC needs a few Javascript and CSS files to function. If you use the widget in a django-admin site, you can use the first method to include these files. For all other sites, you should read the "For generic forms" section below.

For admin sites

Let your Admin classes inherit from DcsicAdminMixin, which will instruct the admin interface to include the necessary files:

from client_side_image_cropping import DcsicAdminMixin

class EbookAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin, DcsicAdminMixin):
    form = EbookForm

For generic forms

Every page containing a form using the ClientsideCroppingWidget should include jQuery 1.9 (or newer) and two JS and CSS files in the head section:

{% load static %}

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="{% static "client_side_image_cropping/croppie.css" %}">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="{% static "client_side_image_cropping/cropping_widget.css" %}">
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src="{% static "client_side_image_cropping/croppie.min.js" %}"></script>
    <script src="{% static "client_side_image_cropping/cropping_widget.js" %}"></script>


Use the ClientsideCroppingWidget for any django.forms.ImageField in a Form :

from client_side_image_cropping import ClientsideCroppingWidget

class EbookForm(forms.ModelForm):
    class Meta:
        model = Ebook
        fields = ['title', 'cover_photo']
        widgets = {
            'cover_photo': ClientsideCroppingWidget(

Constructor parameters for the ClientsideCroppingWidget:

  • width and height (int, required): Dimensions of the resulting image (after cropping)
  • preview_width and preview_height (int): Dimensions of the preview of the cropped image that will appear in the form. Defaults to the width and height paramters if omitted.
  • clearable (bool): Add a "Delete image" button to the widget. If omitted, the button will be visible only if the required parameter of the ImageField is set ot False.
  • format (str): The file format of the resulting image. Must be either 'jpeg' (default), 'png' or 'webp'.
  • quality (int): The quality of the image as a percentage. Only applicable if format is set to 'jpeg'. Set to a low value for high compression, or 100 for lossless compression.
  • file_name (str): File name of the cropped image. If omitted, a random file name will be generated to avoid name collisions.

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