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Django widgets for replacing textareas with CodeMirror2, an in-browser code editor

Project description

Django widgets for replacing textareas with CodeMirror, an in-browser code editor. Tested on Django 1.6+, support Python 2.7 and Python 3.4+.


  1. run pip install django-codemirror2

  2. Add codemirror2 to INSTALLED_APPS

  3. Collect static files: python collectstatic

To use django-codemirror2 directly from git, you need to initialize the Codemirror submodule by running git submodule init && git submodule update.


from django import forms
from codemirror2.widgets import CodeMirrorEditor

class TestForm(forms.Form):
    css = forms.Charfield(widget=CodeMirrorEditor(options={'mode': 'css'}))

The options argument will be passed as JSON to CodeMirror.fromTextArea, see for possible values. Do not pass user-controlled data as options, as this can lead to an XSS vulnerability.

If you want to use a mode that depends on other modes, for example htmlmixed, you need to load the dependencies, too, by passing the modes parameter:

html = forms.Charfield(widget=CodeMirrorEditor(modes=['css', 'xml', 'javascript', 'htmlmixed'],
            options={'mode': 'htmlmixed'}))

If you want to customize the Javascript used to initialize the CodeMirror editor, use script_template:

foo = forms.Charfield(widget=CodeMirrorEditor(options={'mode': 'xml'},

You can base your script template on the included template codemirror_script.html.

Example app

There is a simple example app included. To run it:

  1. run tox -e devenv

  2. run ./

  3. visit http://localhost:8000/admin/testapp/ in your browser.

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django-codemirror2-0.2.tar.gz (887.3 kB view hashes)

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