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pip install django-commands2

add django_commands to INSTALLED_APPS, and logging

    "loggers": {
        "django_commands": {
            ...your custom level, handles config...



any exception will be logged in the autologcommand

from django_commands import AutoLogCommand

class Command(AutoLogCommand):

    def handle(self):
        <write your code, any exception will be logged>


MultiTimesCommand will run multi times according to INTERVAL and MAX_TIMES. You can easily use this command to realize a crontab job every 1 second.

class Command(MultiTimesCommand):
    INTERVAL = 1  # default 1
    MAX_TIMES = 60  # default 60

    def handle(self):
        <this handle function will run 60 times>

This command does not consider the running time of your code. It will just run 60 times, and during each execute, wait 1 second


DurationCommand will run your commands over and over again until the running time exceed the configuration

import datetime

class Commmand(DurationCommand):
    INTERVAL = 1
    DURATION = datetime.timedelta(minutes=1)

    def handle(self, *args, **kwargs):
        <your code>


UniqueCommand can assert that only one command instance is running

How it works? Every time the command executes:

  1. it will create a django_commands.models.CommandLog instance
  2. it will check if there is another Command Instance pending with the same UNIQUE_NAME
import time
from django_commands.commands import UniqueCommand

class Command(UniqueCommand):
    def handle(self):
        print("I'm running. In the next 5 seconds, you cannot execute this command. It will exist directly")
        print("I'm running")
        raise Exception("even error occurs, this task will be set finished")


django-commands is distributed under the terms of the ONLY USE NO PRIVATE CHANGE LICENSE license.

Anyone can use pip install django-commands to use this project by any meaning as long as you keep the source code unchanged.
You are not allowed to change the source code without publishing your change.
Here publishing means you: fork this project from github and keep your change available to public on the github

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