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Provides a country field for Django models.

Project description

A Django application which provides country choices for use with forms, and a country field for models.

To use the flags, you will want to copy the flags directory of django_countries/media to your static files directory, or use the django-staticfiles application.


A country field for Django models that provides all ISO 3166-1 countries as choices.

CountryField is based on Django’s CharField, providing choices corresponding to the official ISO 3166-1 list of countries (with a default max_length of 2).

Consider the following model using a CountryField:

from django.db import models
from django_countries import CountryField

class Person(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length=100)
    country = CountryField()

Any Person instance will have a country attribute that you can use to get details of the person’s country:

>>> person = Person(name='Chris', country='NZ')
u'New Zealand'

This object ( in the example) is a Country instance, which is described below.

The Country object

An object used to represent a country, instanciated with a two character country code.

It can be compared to other objects as if it was a string containing the country code, and it’s __unicode__ method returns the country code.


Contains the full country name.


Contains a URL to the flag. 'flags/[lowercasecountrycode].gif' is appended to the STATIC_URL setting, or if that isn’t set, the MEDIA_URL setting.

Country Choices

The django_countries.countries module contains some constants which can be used to generate choices lists for a Django Select form field.


A tuple of two part tuples, each consisting of a country code and the corresponding nicely titled (and translatable) country name.


A tuple, similar to COUNTRIES, but also includes duplicates for countries that contain a comma (i.e. the non-comma’d version).


A dictionary where each key is a country code and each value is the corresponding official capitalised ISO 3166-1 English country name.

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