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A Django package which uses to upload and crop images.

Project description


[Croppic]( is a jquery plugin which handles uploading and manipulating images via AJAX.

A Django package which uses [Croppic]( to upload and crop images.


Install from pypi:

pip install django-croppic

To use `django-croppic` in your Django project:

1. Add `croppic` to your `INSTALLED_APPS` setting.
2. Add `croppic.urls` in your main `urls`
* `url(r'^croppic/', include('croppic.urls', namespace='croppic')),`
3. Run `syncdb` command to initialise the `croppic` database table
4. Run `collectstatic` command to collect the static files of croppic into `STATIC_ROOT` (If on production)


Available settings:

* Default: `pictures`
* The default path where to store uploaded files.
* e.g. `CROPPIC_UPLOAD_PATH = 'user_photos'` (Notice no leading or trailing slashes).

* Default: `None` (No restrictions)
* Restrict uploaded/cropped files to have at least minimum width and height as defined by `CROPPIC_MIN_SIZE`.
* e.g. `CROPPIC_MIN_SIZE = (250, 250)`

* Default: `Image is too small, must be at least {0}x{1} wide.` (The `{0}` and `{1}` will be used in string formatting to replace with width and height)
* If `CROPPIC_MIN_SIZE` is specified you may want to update this to show a different error message if uploaded/cropped image does not satisfy `CROPPIC_MIN_SIZE`

Change Log Summary

### v0.0.2

* Extended `imgUrl` length from 100 to 250 in `CropForm`
* Updated README

### v0.0.1

* Lots of improvements in original package [django-croppic by Ben Hammel](


* Testing across various Django and Python version. (Currently tested with Python 2.7+ Django 1.7+)
* Example project

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