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Data conversor from csv to json, to create the fixtures for django apps

Project description


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This module is a conversor from csv data to json.

The main goal is create a json file for Django models.

The csv must have the same fields as the django model

The fields related to another models uses the natural key. So every model must have a natural_key method.

The third argument

How to Install

Using pip

pip install django_csv2json

From the repository

python install

How to use

This modules dispose a class CSV2JSON, that requires a origin folder, a destiniy folder and a list of files. Every element from this list must be a dictionary with the keys "{model, file, field, opts}".

Also, there are a command to use on the command line.

csv2json --origin "./csn" --destiny "./json" --file_json "./files.json"

For help, type

csv2json --help

Campos de files.json

Debe contener un campo models con los modelos de Django que contengan campos en el csv, determinar sus llaves.

Debe contener el archivo file csv.

Debe contener el field del cual se transforma un slug (un string formateado a sencillo)

Debe contener un dciccionario con las opciones o formato específico a cada campo.

Debe incluirse un diccionario (vacío) o que contenga el cambio en el nombre de los campos de csv al modelo django.

    fields = ["models", "file", "field", "opts", "switch"]

    files = [
        dict(zip(fields,({'organization.kindoforganization':{"logo","name","acronim", "url"}},
         'kindoforganization.csv', 'name',
         {"description": read_file}, {}))),
         'name', {"kind": add_list}, {}))),
    kwargs = {
        'files': files,
        'origin': './csv',
        'destiny': './json'

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