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Middleware to make user information always available.

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cuser will bring you Current user of your django application from anywhere in your code. I know, sounds fantastic ;)

Supported Python versions

django-cuser currently can be run on multiple python versions:

  • Python 2 (2.7)

  • Python 3 (3.4, 3.5)

  • PyPy


django-cuser is also available at So it can be install it by pip or easy_install:

$ pip install django-cuser

Or you can grab the latest version tarball:

$ python install

To enable django-cuser in your project

  • Add cuser to INSTALLED_APPS in your

  • Add cuser.middleware.CuserMiddleware to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES after the authentication and session middleware.

Who is the current user

To set/get the user info, there is the following API:

from cuser.middleware import CuserMiddleware

Set the current user for this thread. Accepts user objects and login names:


Get the current user or None:

user = CuserMiddleware.get_user()

This will return some_user if there is no current user:

user = CuserMiddleware.get_user(some_user)

Forget the current user. It is always safe to call this, even if there is no current user:


The middleware automatically sets/deletes the current user for HTTP requests. For other uses (management commands, scripts), you will need to do this yourself.


cuser also provides a CurrentUserField, which can be used for auditing purposes. Use it as follows:

from cuser.fields import CurrentUserField

class MyModel(models.Model):
    creator = CurrentUserField(add_only=True, related_name="created_mymodels")
    last_editor = CurrentUserField(related_name="last_edited_mymodels")

This field is a ForeignKey to the settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL model and you can treat it as such.


django-cuser has been tested Django 1.8 and later. To run the the tests:

$ python test -v 2

It’s also available on travis-ci:

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