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Allow specification of a global database table name prefix.

Project description


Project goal

Allow specification of a global database table name prefix.

Reason for the project

1. Some (external) projects automatically use a database prefix for
interaction with a database. This is particularly common in implementations
of the Active Record pattern.

2. It is possible to define an explicit database table name in the Meta
class on a model; however, this is not as easily accomplished when dealing
with a third-party application. By providing a high-level interface for
adding prefixes there is a simple, consistent way to achieve this goal other
than forking the code or ad-hoc monkey patching.


1. Install using pip:

pip install django-db-prefix

2. Add django_db_prefix at the top of your INSTALLED_APPS list. It is
recommended that django_db_prefix is the first listed application, but it
is essential that it be loaded before the initialization of any model you
expect to be modified.

INSTALLED_APPS = ['django_db_prefix',] + INSTALLED_APPS


Global Prefix

To add a common prefix to all models simply set `DB_PREFIX` to the string that
you want to be prepended.

DB_PREFIX = "foo_"

For example, for the model bar_app.models.Baz the default table would be:

By setting `DB_PREFIX` to `foo_`, the table would be `foo_bar_app_baz`.

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django-db-prefix-1.0.4.tar.gz (2.0 kB view hashes)

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