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A collection of decorator mixins for Django views.

Project description

A collection of class-based view mixins for Django. Django-Decoratormixins also includes a function for converting view decorators into class-based view mixins.


If you have a decorator, usage is as simple as calling DecoratorMixin and passing the decorator as the argument.

from decoratormixins import DecoratorMixin

def my_decorator(f):
    # ...

MyDecMixin = DecoratorMixin(my_decorator)

Decorator Factories

Many of Django’s built in decorators are actually decorator factories. In this case, it is necessary to get a decorator out of them before it is possible to create a mixin from it.

Here we have a decorator factory that modifies a view to require a certain parameter in a get request:

def require_get_param(param):
    def actual_decorator(view_func):
        def _wrapped_view_func(request, *args, **kwargs):
            if request.GET.get(param, None) is not None:
                response = view_func(request, *args, **kwargs)
                response.content += param
                return response
                return HttpResponseNotFound("{} is not present.".format(param))

        return _wrapped_view_func
    return actual_decorator

In order to use it, we must specify the parameter we are requiring:

require_foo_decorator = require_get_param('foo')

And now we can call DecoratorMixin on that decorator:

RequireFooMixin = DecoratorMixin(require_foo_decorator)

Applying Mixins

Once you have the mixin you reqire, mix it in with a class-based view.

class TestView(View):
    def get(self, request):
        return HttpResponse("OK")

class TestViewFoo(RequireFooMixin, TestView):

TestViewFoo.as_view() will return a view method that is usable in your

Composing Mixins

It is possible to use multiple mixins for a single class, but order matters. The leftmost mixin in a class definition will be the outermost decorator.

from decoratormixins.auth import LoginRequiredMixin
from decoratormixins.http import RequireGetMixin

# TestView from above

class LoggedInGetRequestView(LoginRequiredMixin,

Included Mixins

Here is a list of all of the included mixins, and the modules in which they can be found.

  • decoratormixins.auth

    • LoginRequiredMixin

  • decoratormixins.csrf

    • CsrfProtectMixin

    • EnsureCsrfCookieMixin

    • CsrfExemptMixin

  • decoratormixins.http

    • ConditionalPageMixin

    • RequireGetMixin

    • RequirePostMixin

    • RequireSafeMixin

    • EtagMixin

    • LastModifiedMixin

  • decoratormixins.cache

    • NeverCacheMixin

  • decoratormixins.clickjacking

    • XFrameOptionsDenyMixin

    • XFrameOptionsDenySameoriginMixin

    • XFrameOptionsDenyExemptMixin

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