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Language and country models for Django derived from the pycountry module.

Project description


Diplomat provides Django models for the countries and languages covered by the ISO 3166 and ISO 639 standards, respectively. Diplomat is implemented as a wrapper around a subset of pycountry, and its interface should feel familiar to users of that module.


Add diplomat to your INSTALLED_APPS, then run the syncdb command, which will create the required language and country models.

Model Usage

Diplomat’s field models exactly mirror the attributes of the pycountry database objects that they imitate. In addition to these attributes, custom manager methods are available for some of the objects provided by diplomat.


The ISOLanguage model is a wrapper around the pycountry.db.Language model.

>>> from diplomat.models import ISOLanguage
>>> aragonese = ISOLanguage.objects.get(alpha2='an')
>>> aragonese.alpha2
>>> aragonese.bibliographic
>>> aragonese.terminology

In addition, it provides a custom model manager.

>>> from diplomat.models import ISOLanguage
>>> all_languages = ISOLanguage.objects.all()
>>> basic_languages = ISOLanguage.objects.basic()
>>> usable_languages = ISOLanguage.objects.usable()
>>> all_languages.count() > usable_languages.count() > basic_languages.count()
>>> all([l.alpha2 for l in all_languages])
>>> all([l.alpha2 for l in basic_languages])
>>> all_languages.filter(terminology='zxx').count()
>>> usable_languages.filter(terminology='zxx').count()


The ISOCountry model is a wrapper around the pycountry.db.Country model.

>>> from diplomat.models import ISOCountry
>>> germany = ISOCountry.objects.get(alpha2='DE')
>>> germany.alpha2
>>> germany.alpha3
>>> germany.numeric
>>> germany.official_name
u'Federal Republic of Germany'

Field Usage

Diplomat provides a series of simple form fields for selecting country and language objects. These fields, which can be imported from diplomat.fields, are as follows:

LanguageChoiceField A field for selecting a single usable language.

LanguageMultipleChoiceField A field for selecting multiple usable languages.

BasicLanguageChoiceField A field for selecting a single basic language covered by ISO 639-1.

BasicLanguageMultipleChoiceField A field for selecting multiple basic languages covered by ISO 639-1.

CountryChoiceField A field for selecting a single country.

CountryMultipleChoiceField A field for selecting multiple countries.

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