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Project description

An admin action that allows you to export your models as CSV files without having to write a single line of code –besides installation, of course.


  • Easy installation

  • High level of customizability

  • Created with permissions in mind

  • Sane defaults


  • Python 2.7, 3.3+

  • Django >= 1.5

To install:

pip install django-exports

Next add django_exports to your INSTALLED_APPS to include the related css/js:

    # Other apps here


There are two django settings that you can use to configure who can use the export action:

# Use if you want to check user level permissions only users with the can_csv_<model_label>
# will be able to download csv files.
# Use if you want to disable the global django admin action. This setting is set to True by default.

Fields to export

By default, all of the fields available in a model ar ordered and exported. You can override this behavior at the admin model level. Define the following attribute in your AdminModel:

class ClientAdmin(CSVExportAdmin):
    csv_fields = ['first_name', 'last_name', 'email', 'phone_number',]


There are two ways to limit who can export data as CSV files.

Model level permissions: create a new model permission and assign it only to user who should have access to the export action in the admin.

class Client(models.Model):
class Meta:

permissions = ((“can_csv_client”, “Can export list of clients as CSV file”),)

AdminModel Level permissions: define a has_csv_permission and return True if a user should have access:

class ClientAdmin(admin.AdminModel):
    search_fields = ('name', 'id', 'email')
    csv_fields = ['name', 'id']

    def has_csv_permission(self, request):
        """Only super users can export as CSV"""
        if request.user.is_superuser:
            return True

Selective Installation

Sometimes, you don’t want to allow all of your admin models to be exported. For this, you will need to set DJANGO_CSV_GLOBAL_EXPORTS_ENABLED to False, and have your AdminModels extend our CSVExportAdmin admin class:

from django_csv_exports.admin import CSVExportAdmin

class ClientAdmin(CSVExportAdmin):

Running the Tests

You can run the tests with via:

python test



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