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A simple Django app to serve DOH.

Project description


Django-doh is a simple Django app to serve a DOH (DNS Over HTTPS) Proxy. It resolves DNS query on HTTP.

Quick start

  1. Install via pip:
pip install django-doh
  1. Add 'doh_server' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:
  1. Include the doh_server URLconf in your project like this:
path('dns-query', include('doh_server.urls')),
  1. Add the conf in your settings like this:
    "RESOLVER": "internal",
    # "RESOLVER": "",
    "AUTHORITY": "",

To use the local resolver on the server where you run Django, use "internal".


RFC 8484

Json implementation

Use with Firefox

in about:config edit:


For the URI, add your URI for your reverse proxy serving Django.

You can use Nginx as reverse proxy :

events {
http {
    server {
        listen 443 ssl http2 default_server;
        location /dns-query {
            proxy_set_header Host $host;
        ssl_certificate /etc/nginx/cert.pem;
        ssl_certificate_key /etc/nginx/key.pem;

Test suite

Run using tox.

tox --parallel


Macbook Pro 2019 Processor 2,4 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

Server Django and a reverse proxy Nginx in a Docker container.

apib -c 100 -d 60 @benchmark_get_url.txt

Duration:             60.032 seconds
Attempted requests:   7911
Successful requests:  7911
Non-200 results:      0
Connections opened:   104
Socket errors:        0

Throughput:           131.780 requests/second
Average latency:      734.647 milliseconds
Minimum latency:      27.760 milliseconds
Maximum latency:      9819.022 milliseconds
Latency std. dev:     710.929 milliseconds
50% latency:          606.548 milliseconds
90% latency:          1360.734 milliseconds
98% latency:          2845.927 milliseconds
99% latency:          3612.085 milliseconds

Client CPU average:    0%
Client CPU max:        0%
Client memory usage:    0%

Total bytes sent:      1.15 megabytes
Total bytes received:  2.44 megabytes
Send bandwidth:        0.15 megabits / second
Receive bandwidth:     0.33 megabits / second

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