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Integration of Django with dramatiq-pg

Project description

dramatiq-pg integration for django.


  1. Install with pip

    $ pip install django-dramatiq-pg
  2. Add to your INSTALLED_APPS list in

  3. Create a Registry, and register your tasks

    from django_dramatiq_pg.registry import Registry
    tasks = Registry()
    def mytask():
  4. Configure

        "OPTIONS": {
            "url": "postgres:///mydb",
        "MIDDLEWARE": [
    DRAMATIQ_REGISTRY = 'myapp.registry.tasks'
  5. Start the worker process:

    $ dramatiq django_dramatiq_pg.worker

This worker module will auto-discover any module called ‘actors’ in INSTALLED_APPS.


In a typical dramatiq application, the Broker is configured before any tasks are registered. However, as Django is in control of the intialisation sequence, there is an issue of ordering; the actor decorator assumes the broker is already configured.

To resolve this, django_dramatiq_pg provides a Registry for your tasks, which is then bound to the Broker when Django initialises.

In your code, declare a Registry instance, and use its .actor method to decorate your task functions. Then tell django_dramatiq_pg to use your registry with the DRAMATIQ_REGISTRY setting.

If you do not specify one, django_dramatiq_pg will create one on start.

The registry can be accessed as the .registry attribute on the django_dramatiq_pg App instance.



A dict of options to pass when instantiating the broker.


Arguments to pass to the Broker.


A list of middleware classes to be passed to the broker.

These can either be import strings, or instances.


Default: None

Import path for encoder class.


Default: ‘actors’

Name of module use to auto-discover actors in INSTALLED_APPS.


Import path for the task Registry instance.

This should refer to an instance of django_dramatiq_pg.registry.Registry.

This resolves the chicken/egg problem of declaring tasks before the broker is configured.

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