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Dynamic global and instance settings for your django project

Project description

Dynamic-preferences is a Django app, BSD-licensed, designed to help you manage your project settings. While most of the time, a file is sufficient, there are some situations where you need something more flexible such as:

  • per-user settings (or, generally speaking, per instance settings)
  • settings change without server restart

For per-instance settings, you could actually store them in some kind of profile model. However, it means that every time you want to add a new setting, you need to add a new column to the profile DB table. Not very efficient.

Dynamic-preferences allow you to register settings (a.k.a. preferences) in a declarative way. Preferences values are serialized before storage in database, and automatically deserialized when you need them.

With dynamic-preferences, you can update settings on the fly, through django’s admin or custom forms, without restarting your application.

The project is tested and work under Python 2.7 and 3.4, with django >=1.7.


  • Simple to setup
  • Admin integration
  • Forms integration
  • Bundled with global and per-user preferences
  • Can be extended to other models if need (e.g. per-site preferences)
  • Integrates with django caching mechanisms to improve performance


The full documentation is at




0.8.2 (23-08-2016)

  • Added django 1.10 compatibility [ricard33]
  • Fixed tests for django 1.7
  • Fix issue #57: PreferenceManager.get() returns value [ricard33]
  • Fixed missing coma in boolean serializer [czlee]
  • Added some documentations and example [JetUni]

0.8.1 (25-02-2016)

  • Fixed still inconsistend preference order in form builder (#44) [czlee]

0.8 (23-02-2016)

Warning: there is a backward incompatbile change in this release. To address #45 and #46, an import statement was removed from Please refer to the documentation for upgrade instructions:

0.7.2 (23-02-2016)

  • Fix #45: importerrror on pip install, and removed useless import
  • Replaced built-in registries by persisting_theory, this will maintain a consistent order for preferences, see #44

0.7.1 (12-02-2016)

  • Removed useless sections and fixed typos/structure in documentation, fix #39
  • Added setting to disable user preferences admin, see #33
  • Added setting to disable preference caching, fix #7
  • Added validation agains sections and preferences names, fix #28, it could raise backward incompatible behaviour, since invalid names will stop execution by default

0.7 (12-01-2016)

  • Added by_name and get_by_name methods on manager to retrieve preferences without using sections, fix #34
  • Added float preference, fix #31 [philipbelesky]
  • Made name, section read-only in django admin, fix #36 [what-digital]
  • Fixed typos in documentation [philipbelesky]

0.6.6 (23-12-2015)

  • Fixed #23 (again bis repetita): Fixed second migration to create section and name columns with correct length

0.6.5 (23-12-2015)

  • Fixed #23 (again): Fixed initial migration to create section and name columns with correct length

0.6.4 (23-12-2015)

  • Fixed #23: Added migration for shorter names and sections

0.6.3 (09-12-2015)

  • Fixed #27: AttributeError: ‘unicode’ object has no attribute ‘name’ in preference __repr__ [pomerama]

0.6.2 (24-11-2015)

  • Added support for django 1.9, [yurtaev]
  • Better travic CI conf (which run tests against two version of Python and three versions of django up to 1.9), fix #22 [yurtaev]

0.6.1 (6-11-2015)

  • Added decimal field and serializer

0.6 (24-10-2015)

  • Fixed #10 : added model choice preference
  • Fixed #19 : Sections are now plain python objects, the string notation is now deprecated

0.5.4 (06-09-2015)

  • Merged PR #16 that fix a typo in the code

0.5.3 (24-08-2015)

  • Added switch for list_editable in admin and warning in documentation, fix #14
  • Now use Textarea for LongStringPreference, fix #15

0.5.2 (22-07-2015)

  • Fixed models not loaded error

0.5.1 (17-07-2015)

  • Fixed pip install (#3), thanks @willseward
  • It’s now easier to override preference form field attributes on a preference (please refer to Preferences attributes for more information)
  • Cleaner serializer api

0.5 (12-07-2015)

This release may involves some specific upgrade steps, please refer to the Upgrade section of the documentation.

0.5 (12-07-2015)

This release may involves some specific upgrade steps, please refer to the Upgrade section of the documentation.

  • Migration to CharField for section and name fields. This fix MySQL compatibility issue #2
  • Updated example project to the 0.4 API

0.4.2 (05-07-2015)

  • Minor changes to README / docs

0.4.1 (05-07-2015)

  • The cookiecutter part was not fully merged

0.4 (05-07-2015)

  • Implemented cache to avoid database queries when possible, which should result in huge performance improvements
  • Whole API cleanup, we now use dict-like objects to get preferences values, which simplifies the code a lot (Thanks to Ryan Anguiano)
  • Migrated the whole app to cookiecutter-djangopackage layout
  • Docs update to reflect the new API

0.3.1 (10-06-2015)

  • Improved test setup
  • More precise data in classifiers

0.2.4 (14-10-2014)

  • Added Python 3.4 compatibility

0.2.3 (22-08-2014)

  • Added LongStringPreference

0.2.2 (21-08-2014)

  • Removed view that added global and user preferences to context. They are now replaced by template context processors

0.2.1 (09-07-2014)

  • Switched from GPLv3 to BSD license

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