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Sessions backend dedicated for Django uses Amazon DynamoDB v.2

Project description


:Info: Sessions backend dedicated for Django uses Amazon `DynamoDB`_ v.2 for data storage.
:Author: Justine Żarna

If You need backend uses Amazon DynamoDB v. 1 see `Greg Taylor github`_

.. _DynamoDB:
.. _Greg Taylor github:

First step: create DynamoDB Table

Visit your `DynamoDB tab`_ in the AWS Management Console and follow instructions:

* Choose the *Create Table* option.
* Enter your sessions table name (example: ``sessions``).
* Select Primary Key Type = ``Hash``.
* Select Hash Attribute Type as ``String``.
* Enter ``session_key`` for *Hash Attribute Name*.
* Choose the *Continue* option twice.
* Fill Provisioned Throughput Capacity (only for tests: ``read`` - 10 units, ``write`` - 5 units).
* Choose the *Continue* option.
* Choose the *Create* option.

.. _DynamoDB tab:

Second step: installation

Install django-dynamodb2-sessions using ``pip``::

pip install django-dynamodb2-sessions

Export your AWS key and secret key as environment variables because of security::

export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID='YourKey'
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY='YourSecretKey'
export AWS_REGION_NAME = 'YourRegion'

In your ```` file, you'll need set variables::

import os
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = os.environ.get('AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID', '') # set Your AWS key
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY = os.environ.get('AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY', '') # set Your AWS secret key
AWS_REGION_NAME = os.environ.get('AWS_REGION_NAME', '') # set Your AWS region

DYNAMODB_SESSIONS_TABLE_NAME = '' # set Your sessions table name

Set your session backend to::

SESSION_ENGINE = 'dynamodb_sessions.backends.cached_dynamodb'


SESSION_ENGINE = 'dynamodb_sessions.backends.dynamodb'

Optional you can set always consistent parametr.
If you are not using cache to this sessions backend you can force all reads from Dynamodb by setting True.
Default: False::




* Initial release.


* Added removing expired sessions command management.


* Added new version of boto to requirements


django-dynamodb2-sessions is licensed under the BSD License.

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