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Instagram client for Django.

Project description


A Django application that provides a template tag for displaying content from a public Instagram profile. Has ability to cache files locally.

This is derived from Marco Pompili's version, which has different requirements and options. Thanks to Marco for doing all the hard work.



Install Django with your favourite Linux packaging system or you can use pip for installing python packages, if Django is not an official package for your distribution:

pip install django

Use pip to install Django Easy Instagram:

pip install django-easy-instagram

Pip should take care of the package dependencies for Django Easy Instagram.


Add the application to INSTALLED_APPS:

    'sorl.thumbnail', # required for thumbnail support

Rebuild your application database, this command depends on which version of Django you are using.

In Django 2.0 (recommended):

python makemigrations django_easy_instagram

Them migrate the db:

python migrate


The instagram_user_recent_media brings into context two objects:

  • profile: Contains the who scraped object.
  • recent_media: Contains the recent media, like 10 or 12 entries or so.

You can display the data contained in recent_media list like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

{% load instagram_client %}

<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <title>{{ instagram_profile_name|capfirst }} Instagram feed</title>
<h1>{{ instagram_profile_name|capfirst }} Instagram Feed</h1>
<div id="django_recent_media_wall">
    {% instagram_user_recent_media instagram_profile_name %}
    {% for media in recent_media %}
        <div class="django_easy_instagram_media_wall_item">
            <a href="//{{ media.shortcode }}" target="_blank">
                <img src="{{ media.thumbnail_src }}"/>
                <span>{{ media.edge_media_to_caption.edges.0.node.text }}</span>
    {% endfor %}
<p>Got from instagram</p>

Resizing and Caching Images

You are able to resize images, which will also mean they are cached locally rather than being loaded from Instagram's servers.

To enable this, ensure you have sorl.thumbnail in the INSTALLED_APPS, and that you have setup Django caching.

In order for requests to Instagram to work properly, you will need to ensure you set the sorl.thumbail setting:


You can then use the local_cache template filter and specify a size:

{% for media in recent_media %}
<img src="{{ media.thumbnail_src|local_cache:'332x332' }}"/>
{% endfor %}

The images will be saved locally in a cache.

By default images will be resized and saved at 80% JPG quality, to override this you can use this setting in your Django settings file:



The original version and most of the actual work was done by Marco Pompili in the version available here.

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