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News application. Allow to publish news on site. You can show news archive, calendar block, or latest news block in template. Admin editor compatible with django-tinyMCE.

Project description

Application provides news functionality for your site.



  1. Add easy_news to your INSTALLED_APPS.

  2. Include ('easy_news.urls') in your like this:

    urlpatterns += patterns('',
        (r'^news/', include('easy_news.urls')),



Easy news uses django generic views system to render pages. Easy news has several url handlers (I mean named patterns):

  • news_detail - Show news itself

  • news_list - if settings.ENABLE_NEWS_LIST is True, shows list of publicated news

  • news_archive_index if news_settings.ENABLE_NEWS_ARCHIVE_INDEX is True, shows content of django.views.generic.date_based.archive_index view

  • news_archive_year, news_archive_month, news_archive_day - if settings.ENABLE_NEWS_DATE_ARCHIVE is True, shows news archive by given date

  • news_tag_detail - if you use django-tagging and settings.NEWS_TAGGING is True, easy_news provide list of tagged news

Template tags:

If you want to use easy_news template tags, load easy_news_tags:

{% load easy_news_tags %}


Shows list of num latest news. 5 news in list by default:

{% show_news <num> %}


Render calendar. If there’s some news at date, shows hyperlink to news. By default, use current date:

{% calendar <year> <month> %}


Full settings list:

  • ENABLE_NEWS_LIST (boolean) - render latest news list. Default - True

  • ENABLE_NEWS_ARCHIVE_INDEX (boolean) - render django generic date archive index of news objects. Default - True

  • ENABLE_NEWS_DATE_ARCHIVE (boolean) - render django generic date full archive of news objects. Default - True

  • NEWS_TAGGING (boolean) - use news tagging. Default - if django-tagging is installed, True, otherwise False


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