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Django elasticsearch integration.

Project description

This is Django application that helps intergrate Django with elasticsearch. It is built on top of elasticsearch-dsl.

3.x pypi MIT License

Project aims to support Python 3 and Django 1.8 (at least).

The library is in development, use it carefully, because until stable an API is a subject to change.


Configure your models to be indexable:

from django.db import models
from el.models import Indexed

class Article(models.Model, Indexed):
    title = models.CharField(max_length=78)

def get_indexable(cls):
    return cls.objects.all()

def configure_mapping(cls, mapping):
    # mapping is an elasticsearch_dsl Mapping object
    mapping.field('title', 'string')
    return mapping

From this moment, the Article model will be autodiscovered and indexed.

Update search indexes:

./ update_index

Use elasticsearch_dsl to query:

# articles is a list of an Article instances
articles ='match', title="Bob's article").execute()

# articles is a list of elasticsearch_dsl hits
articles ='match', title="Bob's article").execute(cast=False)

In contrast with elasticsearch_dsl, django-el provides modified Search object which return django model instances instead of raw elasticsearch results by default. You can control this feature using the cast argument.


Install django-el as usual python package using pip:

pip install django-el


Django-el is build on top of elasticsearch_dsl library and provides django-way connections configuration through

    'default': {
        'hosts': [''],
        'serializer': 'project.serializers.MySerializer',

You can define project connections using ELASTICSEARCH_CONNECTIONS setting. It is just a hight-level interface over low-level elasticsearch_dsl.connections.connections.create_connection function.

The keys are (default, in this example) are connection aliases, and it’s values are create_connection arguments.

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