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Easy Django integration with the service

Project description

A Django reusable application for logging errors to the ErrorStack service.


Install from PyPI with easy_install or pip:

pip install django-errorstack

or get the in-development version:

pip install django-errorstack==tip


django-errorstack requires Django 1.0 or later.


To use django-errorstack in your Django project:

  1. Add 'errorstack' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.

  2. Set the ERRORSTACK_STACK_KEY setting.

  3. Add errorstack.middleware.ErrorStackMiddleware to the end of your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting.

When DEBUG is False, all unhandled view exceptions will be logged to ErrorStack. Error handling will otherwise proceed as it would otherwise: django-errorstack does not disable or modify Django’s usual error handling.

Logging errors manually

You may want to log some errors to ErrorStack in your own code, without raising an unhandled exception or displaying a 500 page to your user.

django-errorstack uses a named logger from the Python standard library logging module. The name of the logger is defined by the ERRORSTACK_LOGGER_NAME setting (defaults to “errorstack”). Assuming you don’t change the setting, you could log errors yourself like this:

import logging

logger = logging.getLogger("errorstack")

    #... some code that raises an exception
    logger.error("Something bad happpened.", exc_info=True)

This logger only sends errors or critical errors (not warnings or info or debug messages) to ErrorStack.

Attaching the ErrorStack handler to your own logger

Your application may already use the stdlib logging module with your own named loggers. If you want to attach the ErrorStack logger handler to your own loggers, you can do the following:

import logging

from errorstack.handlers import errorstack_handler

logger = logging.getLogger("my_logger")

Again, this handler only listens for errors or critical errors.



The key of the error stack you want to send errors to. This option is required.


Log Http404 exceptions to ErrorStack if this is True. False by default.


The logger name to use. Defaults to “errorstack”.


tip (unreleased)

0.1 (2009.12.16)

  • Initial release.


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