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Collection of useful checks for Django Checks Framework

Project description

Django Extra Checks

Collection of useful checks for Django Checks Frameworks



  • extra-checks-config - settings.EXTRA_CHECKS is valid config for django-extra-checks (always enabled).
  • model-attribute - Each Model in the project must have all attributes from attrs setting specified.
  • model-meta-attribute - Each Model.Meta in the project must have all attributes from attrs setting specified.
  • no-unique-together - Use UniqueConstraint with the constraints option instead.
  • no-index-together - Use the indexes option instead.
  • model-admin - Each model must be registered in admin.
  • field-file-upload-to - FileField/ImageField must have non empty upload_to argument.
  • field-verbose-name - All model's fields must have verbose name.
  • field-verbose-name-gettext - verbose_name must use gettext.
  • field-verbose-name-gettext-case - Words in text wrapped with gettext must be in one case.
  • field-help-text-gettext - help_text must use gettext.
  • field-text-null - text fields shouldn't use null=True.
  • field-boolean-null - prefer using BooleanField(null=True) instead of NullBooleanField.
  • field-null - don't pass null=False to model fields (this is django default).
  • field-foreign-key-db-index - ForeignKey fields must specify db_index explicitly (to apply only to fields in indexes: when: indexes).
  • field-related-name - Related fields must specify related_name explicitly.
  • field-default-null - If field nullable (null=True), then default=None argument is redundant and should be removed. WARNING Be aware that setting is database dependent, eg. Oracle interprets empty strings as nulls as a result django uses empty string instead of null as default.
  • field-choices-constraint - Fields with choices must have companion CheckConstraint to enforce choices on database level, details.

DRF Serializers

  • drf-model-serializer-extra-kwargs - ModelSerializer's extra_kwargs must not include fields that specified on serializer.
  • drf-model-serializer-meta-attribute - Each ModelSerializer.Meta must have all attributes specified in attrs, use case.


Install with pip install django-extra-checks

Add extra_checks to INSTALLED_APPS (use extra_checks.apps.ExtraChecksConfig for Django versions prior to 3.2).


To enable some check define EXTRA_CHECKS setting with a dict of checks and its settings:

    "checks": [
        # require non empty `upload_to` argument.
        # use dict form if check need configuration
        # eg. all models must have fk to Site model
        {"id": "model-attribute", "attrs": ["site"]},
        # require `db_table` for all models, increase level to CRITICAL
        {"id": "model-meta-attribute", "attrs": ["db_table"], "level": "CRITICAL"},

By default only your project apps are checked but you can use include_apps option to specify apps to check (including third party apps):

    # use same names as in INSTALLED_APPS
    "include_apps": ["django.contrib.sites", "my_app"],

Ignoring check problems

Use extra-checks-disable-next-line comment to disable checks:

# disable specific checks on model
# extra-checks-disable-next-line model-attribute, model-admin
class MyModel(models.Model):
    # disable all checks on image field
    # extra-checks-disable-next-line
    image = models.ImageField()

    # separate comments and check's codes are also supported
    # extra-checks-disable-next-line X014
    # extra-checks-disable-next-line no-unique-together
    class Meta:

Another way is to provide function that accepts field, model or serializer class as its first argument and returns True if it must be skipped. Be aware that the more computation expensive your skipif functions the slower django check will run.

skipif example:

def skipif_streamfield(field, *args, **kwargs):
    return isinstance(field, wagtail.core.fields.StreamField)

def skipif_non_core_app(model_cls, *args, **kwargs):
    return model_cls._meta.app_label != "my_core_app"

    "check": [
            "id": "field-verbose-name-gettext",
            # make this check skip wagtail's StreamField
            "skipif": skipif_streamfield
            "id": "model-admin",
            # models from non core app shouldn't be registered in admin
            "skipif": skipif_non_core_app,


Install dev deps in virtualenv pip install -e .[dev,test].


The project was built using ideas and code snippets from:

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